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Dynamic Testimonials

Requested a manual and technical assistance for a troublesome printer and received it instantly. Thanks Dave great response.
      10 August 2006 15:00:35

Bravo....another great editorial. You expressed sentiment which I too have felt and turmoiled over. In addition, I find that Ebay per click advertising to be fraudulent as well as ineffective. Moreover, it has lead to a lack of integrity of information found on the web. The frustration is being felt not just from us but from the end-user as well. The backlash should ensue, but what do we do in the meantime? Well, from our experience, we have begun to see a shift back towards relational selling at the end-user level. We have made a conscious effort to find and pursue this business and it has had tremendous rewards. However, and this is important, you must position your self within a market with a large commodity base and or a niche market with a high dollar attached to it. Either you do low margin w/big volume or low margin w/big margin. I pray the best of wisdom and great rewardsin the path you choose.
      03 August 2006 12:21:03

David but like the .com bust those "middlemen" will eventually fall by the wayside as they exhaust their customer set with poor service. Customers are really like you and me ! They will gravitate to those that they trust, provide value........ people like you! This too shall pass!
      03 August 2006 12:17:44

RE: August 06 editorial I kept telling myself that I was imagining the change and it started out very slow and subtle. Now however if I do a search for any item I wish to buy I usually end up going to the second page of the results simply to find someone who is stocking the item themselves. There was a time when Google actually gave me usable results at the top of the list and was so much better than any other competing product. The bottom line is its all about the money and not about the integrity of the search engines. But then I have to ask myself When did any internet concern EVER say they were a bastion of integrity. They are simply another company making a buck as fast as they can. The only way things will change, if even temporarily, will be if a competing search engine becomes available that wouldnt play the Middleman game.
      03 August 2006 12:12:14

I work with pharmacies around the country and when they can't print a prescription label, they can't make any money. When they have a down printer and need it replaced, upgrading to a newer model is not always a good solution since they may have a boatload of toner cartridges and font cards installed in the printers. I know I can get on the phone and talk to the sales staff at Argecy and get the printer I need and get it out to the customer the next day. You guys are great!!!
      01 August 2006 08:24:27

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