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Dynamic Testimonials

Thanks to Dave for great tech support! I will be recommending Dave and his team to other people looking to buy computer equipment
      15 June 2013 11:26:02

Dave was outstanding in helping me get a super awesome tech support to help me get the printer up and running. thank you Dave and the staff. you guys are great.
      05 June 2013 18:13:10

I really appreciated David's help with our printer problem in Baltimore. He could've dumped our problem on someone else, but he took the time to walk me through it and order the parts we need. Thanks David and technician!
      02 May 2013 14:35:53

Dave, I am passing on Brad's appreciation for helping him fix his problems. I love back up like this!! John
      18 January 2008 10:13:28

I find (the editorials) informative and look forward to seeing Dave's thoughts on the printer business. I enjoyed a brokerage relationship with Dave back in the CE Services days and hope you too may find his editorial information and maybe lead to business opportunities. I was being sincere. I really do enjoy your editorials. They're an easy read as well as a nice break in my day. Something to read that's interesting and entertaining. I told a colleague what a wealth of knowledge you are and that's how the forwarding of your editorial came about. Keep up the good work.
      07 August 2007 14:06:06

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