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Visara 4600 FEP


FEP-4600 Communications Controller

The FEP-4600 is a powerful, cost effective solution capable of replacing many of the traditional 3745/46 FEP features. It eliminates costly NCP/SSP/NPSI or EP software licenses, and provides SNA, Non-SNA, and IP support to communicate with a variety of remote devices. In addition, both cross-domain (PU4/SNI) communications and BiSync protocol conversion are provided.

  • Functional 3745/46 Replacement
  • Support for multiple high-speed lines
  • No Software Licenses:
    • No NCP
    • No SSP
    • No EP
    • No NPSI
  • Transparent to:
    • Local Host
    • Application Users
    • Remote 37xx's
  • ESCON support
  • Web based configuration
  • Legacy Protocols:
    • SNA/SDLC (PU2/PU4/SNI)
    • BiSync 3270/RJE
    • X.25 (QLLC)
    • Token Ring (NTRI) LLC
    • Ethernet LLC
  • System:
    • Real time system management and monitoring
    • Redundant hot swappable power supplies
    • Hot swappable fans/drives