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Ricoh Aficio SP C820DN & SP C821DN


Ricoh SPC820DN Printer
Ricoh SPC820DNT1 Printer
Ricoh SPC820DNT2 Printer
Ricoh SPC820DNLC Printer
Ricoh Aficio SP C820DN Laser Printer
406547 (New)

Ricoh Aficio SP C821DN Laser Printer
406553 (New)

Ricoh Aficio SP C820DNT1 Laser Printer
406548 (New)

Ricoh Aficio SP C821DNT1 Laser Printer
406554 (New)

Ricoh Aficio SP C820DNT2 Laser Printer
406549 (New)

Ricoh Aficio SP C821DNX Laser Printer
406555 (New)

Ricoh Aficio SP C820DNLC Laser Printer
406550 (New)

Ricoh Aficio SP C821DNLC Laser Printer
406556 (New)

Take Control Of Your Documents

The RICOH Aficio SP C820DN Series Color Laser Printer helps offices bring more full-color documents in-house and regain control of your budget. This cost-effective printer produces a wide variety of jobs on all kinds of media, with in-line finishing. As a result, you can reduce outsourcing costs without sacrificing document quality or visual appeal.

The Ricoh Aficio SP C820DN Series is based on a successful, market-proven design. That means you can expect high reliability and easy maintenance, plus helpful device management and security tools. All from a network printer that offers exceptional productivity and a total cost of ownership that ranks among the lowest in its class.

Take Control Of Your Documents

Aficio SP C820DNT2

Improve In-House Productivity

  • Cut wait time. Expect your first color print in nine seconds, or just eight seconds for black & white. Warm-up time is less than a minute.
  • Print presentations, reports, brochures and other documents quickly. This printer delivers 40 pages-per-minute speed for full-color and black & white output.
  • Meet the demands of a large office without frequent paper refills. This printer holds up to 3,200 sheets with all trays and options.
  • Prevent document mix-ups with a 4-Bin Mailbox that allows shared access to the printer and maintains user privacy.
  • Reprint forms and other frequently used documents instantly with the optional 80 GB Hard Disk Drive (HDD), which enables a full line of print on- demand choices.

Long-Lasting Reliability

  • Ensure flawless operation for the long haul. This reliable printer has a monthly duty cycle that easily outperforms the competition and supports heavy use.
  • Enjoy smooth, uninterrupted print runs with a shorter, soft curve paper path that easily accommodates heavy stocks and makes it simple to clear jams.
  • Produce more color output while keeping your budget under control with low operating costs and high-yield consumables.

Tight Security, Easy Management

  • Reduce the risk of color printing being abused. Administrator and user authentication provides accountability and helps prevent unauthorized access.
  • Keep documents secure if the hard drive is stolen. The DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS) option overwrites hard drive data after every print job.
  • Maximize your technology investment across the entire organization with the embedded @Remote solution, an advanced device utilization and fleet reporting utility.
  • Configure network settings, browse printer status, manage administrator/user authentication settings and even view system status, such as paper and supply levels, with utilities like Web Image Monitor.

Outstanding Flexibility

  • Select the ideal resolution for any job. Optimize color quality for shadow detail and skin tones with 4-bit color and interpolated resolution up to 9600 x 600 dpi.
  • Expand your capabilities with heavier paper stock. All paper trays accept weights up to 140 lb. Index in simplex mode and up to 90 lb. Index in duplex mode.
  • Publicize events with full-color banners up to 12" wide and 49.6" long.
  • Staple reports, strategic plans and other documents with the 3,000-Sheet Finisher. Add the Hole Punch Unit to prepare output for insertion in three-ring binders.
  • Produce high-impact, full-color training, education and marketing materials with folding and saddle-stitching using the 1,000-Sheet Booklet Finisher.

Controller Options

Printer Hard Disk Drive Type 820Part # 004167MIU

Camera Direct Print Card Type FPart # 403108: Enables direct printing from a PictBridge - enabled digital camera, without a PC.

VM Card Type K for ESA -
406535 Ricoh VM Card Type K
406535 (New)

Part # 406535

BB-HPL10A-R HD-PLC Ethernet Adaptor
100123FNG Ricoh HD-PLC Ethernet Adaptor
100123FNG (New)

Part # 100123FNG

Netware Card Type APart # 403114

Memory OptionsMemory Unit Type J 256 MB RAM - Part # 004166MIU
Memory Unit Type J 512 MB RAM - Part # 004165MIU

Security Features

DataOverwriteSecurity System Type M (Optional)Part #406495: Security feature that overwrites latent data on the system's hard drive after scan and print jobs

HDD Encryption Unit Type D (Optional)
403113 HDD Encryption Unit Type D
403113 (New)

Encrypts data on HDD, so data is secure even if HDD is stolen

Other Security FeaturesNetwork Protocols ON/OFF, Administrator Authentication, Job Log/Job Access, IP Address Filtering, User Account Registration, User Authentication, Wi-Fi Protect Access (WPA), Kerberos, 802.1X Wired Authentication, 128-bit Secure Socket Layer, SNMP v3 Encryption, IPsec Communication, Locked Print Password Encryption, Unauthorized Copy Control and Mask Type for Copying

Two-Tray Paper Feed Unit (PB3040) - Part # 415002

Paper Capacity1,100 sheets (550 x 2)

Paper Sizes7.17" x 5.83" - 11" x 17"

Paper Weights16 - 68 lb. Bond/140 lb. Index (60 - 256 g/m2)

One-Tray Paper Feed Unit (PB3080) - Part # 414720

Paper Capacity550 sheets (550 x 1)

Paper Sizes7.17" x 5.83" - 11" x 17"

Paper Weights16 - 68 lb. Bond/140 lb. Index (60 - 256 g/m2)

Large Capacity Tray (LCT) (PB3050) - Part # 415003

Paper Capacity2,000 sheets (1,000 x 2)

Paper Sizes8.5" x 11" LEF

Paper Weights16 - 68 lb. Bond/140 lb. Index (60 - 256 g/m2)

FAC33 Cabinet Stand (Large)

Note: The Cabinet Stand or a paper supply option must be selected for Base Model installation when the printer is to be configured with a Finisher.

FAC35 Stand (Small)

Note: The Stand must be selected for the SP C820DNT1 installation when the printer is to be configured with a Finisher.

3,000 Sheet Finisher (SR3030)

413325 Finisher SR3030 for the Ricoh SP
413325 (New)

Paper Sizes5.5" x 8.5" - 11" x 17", 12" x 18"

Paper WeightsProof Tray: 14 - 43 lb. Bond/90 lb.
Index (52 -163 g/m2); Shift Tray: 14 - 68 lb. Bond/140 lb. Index (52 - 256 g/m2)
Stack Capacity Proof Tray: 250 sheets (8.5" x 11" or smaller), 50 sheets (8.5" x 14" or larger);
Shift Tray: 3,000 sheets (8.5" x 11" LEF),
1,500 sheets (8.5" x 11" SEF, 8.5" x 14",
11" x 17", 12" x 18"), 100 sheets (5.5" x 8.5")

Staple Capacity50 sheets (8.5" x 11" SEF), 30 sheets (8.5" x 14" or larger, 8.5" x 11" LEF)

Staple Paper Sizes8.5" x 11" - 11" x 17"

Staple Paper Weights17 - 24 lb. Bond (64 - 90 g/m2)

Staple Positions1 staple/3 positions; 2 staples / 1 position

SR3030 Finisher Options

2/3-Hole Punch Unit Type 3260

Jogger Unit Type 3260
412212 Output Jogger Unit Type 3260
412212 (New)

*Requires Bridge Unit BU3030

1,000-sheet Booklet Finisher (SR3000)

Paper Sizes5.5" x 8.5" - 11" x 17", 12" x 18"

Paper WeightsUpper Proof Tray: 14 - 28 lb. Bond (52 - 105 g/m2); Shift Tray: 14 - 68 lb. Bond/140 lb. Index (52 - 256 g/m2)

Stack CapacityUpper Proof Tray: 100 sheets (8.5" x 11" or smaller), 50 sheets (8.5" x 14" or larger); Shift Tray: 1,000 sheets (8.5" x 11"), 500 sheets (8.5" x 14" or larger, 8.5" x 11" LEF), 100 sheets (5.5" x 8.5"); Booklet Tray: 20 sets (2 - 5 sheets/set, all sizes, saddlestitched) or 10 sets (6 - 10 sheets/set, all sizes, saddle-stitched)

Staple Capacity50 sheets (8.5" x 11" or smaller), 30 sheets (8.5" x 14" or larger) Saddle Stitch 10 sheets (up to 40 pages)

Staple Paper Sizes8.5" x 11" to 11" x 17" (Normal Staple) 8.5"x 11", 8.5" x 14", 11" x 17" (Saddle Stitch)

Staple Paper Weights17 - 24 lb. Bond (64 - 90 g/m2)

Staple Positions1 staple/2 positions; 2 staples/ 1 position

SR3000 Finisher Options

2/3-Hole Punch Unit Type PU3000

*Requires Bridge Unit BU3030

4-Bin Mailbox Type C820* - Part # 406409

Number of Bins4

Capacity Per Bin125 sheets

Paper Size5.5" x 8.5" to 11" x 17"

Paper Weight
16 - 34 lb. Bond (60 - 128 g/m2)

*Can be installed simultaneously with both the 1,000-Sheet Booklet Finisher and 3,000-Sheet Finisher.
Must be installed with either the PB3040 (SP C820DNT2) or the PB3050 LCT (SP C820DNLC).

Consumables and Yields

Black Toner* Part # 821026
821026 Ricoh Toner Cartridge
821026 (New)

Yield: 20,000 pages @ 5%

Yellow Toner* Part# 821027
821027 Ricoh Toner Cartridge
821027 (New)

Yield: 15,000 pages @ 5%

Magenta Toner* Part # 821028
821028 Ricoh Toner Cartridge
821028 (New)

Yield: 15,000 pages @ 5%

Cyan Toner* Part # 821029
821029 Ricoh Toner Cartridge
821029 (New)

Yield: 15,000 pages @ 5%

Based on A4 letter 5% test chart; 3 pages/job; Cyan, Magenta and Yellow (color printing only).
Photoconductor Unit Black Part # 403115
403115 Ricoh Imaging Drum
403115 (New)

Yield: 40,000 pages
Part # 403116
403116 Ricoh Tri-Color Imaging Drum
403116 (New)

Yield: 40,000 pages

Based on A4 letter 5% test chart; 3 pages/job; Color Drum Unit (color printing only).
Waste Toner Bottle Part # 402716
402716 Waste toner bottle
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

Yield: 40,000 pages

Intermediate Transfer Unit Part # 403117
403117 Ricoh Transfer Unit SP C820DN
403117 (New)

Yield: 160,000 pages

� Based on A4 letter 5% test chart; 3 pages/ job.
Fusing Unit� Part # 403118
403118 Fusing Unit SP C820DN
403118 160000 Page Yield (New)

Yield: 120,000 pages

SP C820DN, SP C820DNT1, SP C820DNT2, and SP C820DNLC ship with starter toner cartridges that yield 10,000 pages for Black and 8,000 pages for each Color @ 5% coverage.
Specifications subject to change without notice.

System Specifications


Laser-beam scanning & electrophotographic printing with dual component toner development, 4-drum tandem method

Printing Speed
40-ppm black & white and full-color

Warm-Up Time
35 seconds

First Print Speed
Black & white: 8 seconds or less
Full-color: 9 seconds or less

Print Resolution
600 x 600-dpi (1-bit)
600 x 600-dpi (2-bit) (Default)
600 x 600-dpi (4-bit)
1200 x 1200-dpi (1-bit)

Input Capacity
SP C820DN (Base): 2 x 550 sheets + 100-Sheet Bypass Tray*
SP C820DNT1**: 3 x 550 sheets + 100-Sheet Bypass Tray
SP C820DNT2: 4 x 550 sheets + 100-Sheet Bypass Tray
SP C820DNLC: 2 x 550 sheets + 2,000 sheet LCT + 100-Sheet Bypass Tray (Maximum 3,200 Sheets)

Output Capacity
Standard: 500 sheets face down
Optional: 3,000-Sheet Finisher, 1,000-Sheet Booklet Finisher or 4-Bin Mailbox
Maximum: 4,000-sheet stack capacity (with 3,000-Sheet Finisher and 4-Bin Mailbox)

Paper Sizes
First Paper Tray: 8.5" x 11"
Second Paper Tray: 7.17" x 5.83" - 11" x 17"
Bypass Tray: Width: 3.5" - 12",
Length: 5.8" x 49.6"
Optional Large Capacity Tray: 8.5" x 11" Optional Paper Feed Units: 7.17" x 5.83" - 11" x 17"

Paper Weights
Standard & Optional Paper Feed Units, Large Capacity Tray: 16 - 68 lb. Bond/ 140 lb. Index (60 - 256 g/m2)
Bypass Tray: 16 - 68 lb. Bond/140 lb. Index (60 - 256 g/m2) (Source for Labels, OHP, and Envelopes)
Duplex Unit: 16 - 45 lb. Bond/ 90 lb. Index (60 - 169 g/m2)

Paper Types
Bond, Plain, Recycled, Preprinted, Special, Color, Letterhead, Card Stock, Glossy, Coated, Labels, OHPs and Envelopes

Auto Duplex

Dimensions (WxDxH) (Base Model)
26.4" x 26.4" x 25.2" (670 x 670 x 640 mm) (Standard Configuration)

Weight (base unit)
Less than 213 lb. (97 kg)

Power Requirements
120V, 60Hz

Operating Power Consumption

Maximum Power Consumption

Energy Saver Mode

*Can be configured with 550 x 1 Paper Feed Unit; 550 x 2 Paper Feed Unit, Large Capacity Tray or FAC33 Large Cabinet Stand. **Can be configured with 550 x 2 Paper Feed Unit or FAC35 Stand.

Printer Controller Specifications (Standard)

Intel Celeron M @ 600MHz

SP C820DN, SP C820DNT1: Standard 512 MB RAM/Maximum 1 GB RAM
SP C820DNLC, SP C820DNT2: Standard 768 MB RAM/Maximum 1 GB RAM

80 GB HDD Optional on all models

Printer Languages
PCL 5c, PCL 6, RPCS, Adobe PostScript 3, PDF Direct Print

Standard: 45 PCL fonts, 13 International fonts, 136 PostScript 3 fonts
Optional: OCR and Barcode fonts available

Standard Interfaces
10/100Base-TX Ethernet (RJ-45), USB 2.0, USB Host I/F

Optional Interfaces
IEEE 1284 Interface Board Type A - Part # 411699
IEEE 802.11a/bg Wireless LAN Type J - Part # 414008
Bluetooth Wireless Interface Type 3245 - Part # 412866
Gigabit Ethernet Board Type B - Part # 414204

Network Protocol
Standard: TCP/IP (IPv4, IPv6), SMB, AppleTalk Optional: IPX/SPX

Operating Systems
Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003/ Server 2008/Vista; Novell NetWare 3.12, 3.2, 4.1, 4.11, 5.0, 5.1, 6, 6.5; UNIX (using Ricoh UNIX filter Phase 11): Sun Solaris, HP-UX, SCO OpenServer, RedHat Linux,and IBM AIX; Citrix Metaframe, Mac OS 8.6 - 9.2x, OS X10.1 or later; SAP R/3 3.x or later

RPCS, PCL5c, PCL6: Windows 2000/ XP/Server 2003/Vista/Server 2008 XPS: Windows Vista/Server 2008
PostScript: Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista/Server 2008, Macintosh 8.6 or later, OS X (v. 10.1, 10.2, 10.3)

SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin and Client; Web SmartDeviceMonitor (Optional); Web Image Monitor; DeskTopBinder V2 Lite; Print Utility for Mac; Agfa Font Manager 2000

*Only one additional interface can be installed.