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Samsung SCX4725FN Color Laser MFP


Samsung SCXD4725A SCX4725FN Toner
SCXD4725A (New)


Imagine all the attention that makes your office exclusive. Life's full of choices, but you're in charge. You can multi-task with the best of them and still meet your deadlines. Now, let Samsung handle the details. With Samsung mono laser MFP, it's not that hard to imagine.

Toner Save Mode reduces toner consumption by up to 30%, giving you more print outs per toner cartridge. This mode not only remains the print quality, but also saves papers for draft copies.
Store a few functions as Favorite Copy. Instead of requiring multiple steps to select copy options, pressing the Favorite Copy button requires only one step to complete the assigned special copy. As fast as it gets.
One image can be enlarged up to 300% and printed in up 9 perfectly aligned A4 pages.
A small image expanded to fit the printed page.
The same image in reduced size on one printed page.
This exclusive ID copying function allows you to consolidate copies without hassle or wasting time or paper.
SCX-4725FN send a Fax document directly from your PC through SmarThru 4 software. You can just sit and watch everything being done. (send only)