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Visara SCON Controllers


Visara Console Concentrator


1 Visara SCON-20L = 3 3174-22L

Support 1 to 3 LPARs through a single Escon channel connection

1 Visara SCON-22L = 16 3174-22L

1 Visara SCON-25L = 32 3174-22L

Support up to 16 LPARs through each Escon channel connections

1 Visara display = 10 3270 Sessions

Using multiple logical session support, manage and configure up to 10 3270 sessions on LPARs, tape libraries, etc. through a single Visara display

Visara Non-SNA Console Consolidation Using SCON-xxL Communications Server

* Reduce operating cost
* Improve reliability
* Reduce space requirement
* Gain Control
ModelCoax Devices SupportedLPARs Supported
SCON-22L16 standard and can be expanded to 324 standard and can be expanded to 16
SCON-25L4 standard and can be expanded to 12816 standard and can be expanded to 32