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Printek PrintMaster 850 and 852 Printers


Printek 850 Printer
90903 PrintMaster 850 Printer with Parallel, Serial
Printek 850 Printer
90904 PrintMaster 852si Printer Parallel, Serial
Printek 850 Printer
90905 PrintMaster 850 Printer With Ethernet
Printek 850 Printer
90906 PrintMaster 852SI Printer With Ethernet
Printek 850 Printer
90929 PrintMaster 850si Printer Parallel, Serial
Printek 850 Printer
90930 PrintMaster 850si Printer Parallel, Serial, Ethernet
PM850 Printmaster Printer
Fully refurbished with 1-year warranty
PM850 90903

Looking for Printek 850 & 852 Parts?
91313 PrintMaster 850 Printer Parallel, Serial, Coax, Twinax

91314 PrintMaster 850si Printer Parallel, Serial, Coax, Twinax

91315 PrintMaster 852si Printer Parallel, Serial, Coax, Twinax

The PrintMaster 850 Series printer is a narrow format dot matrix printer expressly designed for heavy workloads. Flexible paper feeding from the rear or bottom makes the printer ideal for applications where space is at a premium. The printer's high speed, reliable performance and durable construction significantly improve the productivity of narrow format printing applications.

Some of the PrintMaster 850's key features include:

Print Speed and Paper Slew Rate
The PrintMaster 850 Series has a fast draft of 530 cps and regular draft speed of 400 cps with a paper slew rate up to 12 ips that provides exceptional throughput.

Tractor System
A rear feed single tractor is standard. The model 852si has a second bottom-feed tractor, giving you added printing options. A metal pedestal is also available from Printek for effective use of both tractors.

Demand Tear-Off
All forms are automatically positioned for easy tear-off, thereby saving you time, money and material on all your print jobs.

Fault Recovery
Print jobs can be easily recovered in the event of a fault condition with the PrintMaster 850's page reprint feature.

Flexible Connectivity
Serial and parallel ports, along with popular emulations and bar codes, are all standard. An optional internal Ethernet interface with unique forms management features is also available.

Easy Set Up
Printer configurations can occur directly through the front panel, remotely through our Remote Printer Setup Software package, or through an optional plug-in module. Parameters for up to 10 form profiles can be stored
and recalled at any time.

Continuous Mode
Paper is automatically loaded from another tractor if a paper out condition occurs. This feature is only available in model 852si.

Ruggedly Built for Reliable Operation
The PrintMaster 850 Series printer will meet peak printing requirements up to 10,000 pages per month. The printhead carries a two-year limited warranty when Genuine Printek brand ribbons are used. The printer's metal construction helps make it very durable and capable of operating reliably in difficult environments.