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HP 3000 3600 3800 CP3505 Parts


1 Link, multipurpose tray (tray 1) hinge left RC1-6381-000CN

2 Link, multipurpose tray (tray 1) hinge right RC1-6382-000CN

3 Spring, tension RC1-6383-000CN

4 Cover, left RC1-6687-000CN

5 Cover, multipurpose tray (tray 1) RC1-6690-000CN

6 Cover, cassette rear right (hinge) RC1-6691-000CN

7 Cover, cassette rear left RC1-6792-000CN

8 Cover, rear lower RC1-7550-000CN

11 Cover, right RM1–2669–000CN

16 Multipurpose tray (tray 1) extension tray assembly RM1-2710-000CN
12 Interlock-switch assembly RM1-2670-000CN

13 Upper cover assembly (fuser door) (simplex models) RM1-2671-000CN

14 Top-cover assembly (simplex models) RM1-2672-030CN

14A Cable, paper-full (simplex models) RM1-2630-000CN

14B Connector, snap-tight (simplex models) VS1-7207-003CN

15 Top-cover assembly (duplex models) RM1-2713-020CN

15A Cable, paper-full (duplex models) RM1-2620-000CN

15B Upper cover assembly (fuser door) (duplex models) RM1-2714-000CN

17 Face-down tray assembly (HP CLJ 3000) RM1-2777-020CN

17 Face-down tray assembly (HP CLJ 3600/3800/CP3505) RM1-2750-020CN

19 Cable, duplexing (duplex models) RM1-2617-000CN

20 Torsion spring RC1-7628-000CN

21 Simplex page-delivery flay RC1-6286-000CN

22 Duplex page, duplex flag RC1-6755-000CN

1 Fan (duplex models) RK2-0954-000CN
1 Holder, fan RC1-6631-000CN

2 Duct, fan RC1-6632-000CN

3 Lever lock, left RC1-6633-000CN

4 Spring, tension RC1-6634-000CN

5 Lever, lock slide, left RC1-6636-000CN

6 Lever, lock slide, right RC1-6643-000CN

7 Cam, slide, right RC1-6645-000CN

9 Lever, lock, left upper RC1-7618-000CN

10 Cover, slide plate, right RC1-6824-000CN

12 Spring, grounding RC1-7583-000CN

13 Fan RK2-0954-000CN

14 Lever, lock, right RC1-6640-000CN

15 Spring, grounding RC1-6641-000CN

16 Spring, tension RC1-6677-000CN

18 Guide, cartridge, left RC1-6629-000CN

20 Gear, 58T RC1–6571-000CN

21 Bushing RC1-6573-000CN

23 Gear, 29T RC1-6575-000CN

24 Cartridge, guide, right assembly RM1-2771-000CN

25 Contact-holder assembly RM1-2683-000CN

26 Media-sensor cassette assembly (HP CLJ 3600/3800/CP3505) RM1-2756-000CN

26A Cable, media sensor cassette assembly (HP CLJ 3600/3800/CP3505) RM1-2589-000CN

29 Guide, duplexing external (duplex models) RC1-6744-000CN

30 Cover, guide crossmember RC1-6795-000CN

31 Spring, tension RC1-7552-000CN

33 Latch, left RC1-7554-000CN

34 Latch, right RC1-7555-000CN

39 Duct, 2 RC1-7547-000CN

40 Duct, 3 RC1-7548-000CN

43 Cable, panel RM1-2596-000CN
6 Cam, gear. 48T RC1-6584-000CN

7 Gear, 41T RC1-6589-000CN

8 Gear, 19T/30T RC1-6593-000CN

9 Gear, 31T RC1-6594-000CN

10 Gear, 17T/41T RC1-6596-000CN

11 Flag, developing estrangement (developing separation) RC1-6605-000CN

12 Cover, crossmember, upper RC1-6668-000CN

13 Guide, cable, right 1 RC1-6682-000CN

14 Bushing RC1-6823-000CN

15 Guide, cable, right 3 RC1-7544-000CN

16 Guide, cable, right 4 RC1-7545-000CN

17 Crossmember, drive side plate RC1-7576-000CN

18 Cover, shutter, left RC1-6651-000CN

19 Holder, toner cartridge RC1-6771-000CN

20 Cable, scanner flat (long (HP CLJ 3000) RK2-0971-000CN

20 Cable, scanner flat (long (HP CLJ 3600/3800/CP3505) RK2-0966-000CN

21 Cable, scanner flat short RK2-0967-000CN

23 Cable, scanner RM1-2594-000CN

24 Drive-motor assembly, print-cartridge (HP CLJ 3600/3800/CP3505: K, Y, C, M cartridges; HP CLJ 3000: Y, C, M cartridges only)

25 Drive-motor assembly, print-cartridge (HP CLJ 3000: K cartridge only) RM1-2773-000CN

26 Lever, sensing RC1-7597-000CN

27 Spring, tension RC1-7598-000CN

29 Cable, memory tag RM1-2627-000CN

30 Main drive assembly RM1-2751-000CN
1 Cover, gear RC1-6405-000CN

2 Guide, cassette front, left RC1-6499-000CN

3 Guide, cassette front, right RC1-6502-000CN

5 Cam, slide, left RC1-6638-000CN

6 Rod, link, left RC1-6639-000CN

7 Rod, link, right RC1-6646-000CN

8 Foot, rear RC1-6650-000CN

10 Holder, ETB, left RC1-6673-000CN

11 Holder, ETB, right RC1-6674-000CN

16 Mount, hinge, left RC1-6684-000CN

24 Cable, duplex docking RM1-2609-000CN

25 Motor, AC 24V, 9W RK2-0939-000CN

26 Cable, sensor RM1-2603-000CN

28 Right-rear base assembly RM1-2678-000CN

28A Cassette sensor PCA RM1-2576-000CN

32 Plate, gear 3 RL1-1069-000CN

33 Foot, rubber assembly, front RL1-1067-000CN

34 Plate lock release RC1-6833-000CN
1 Holder, drawer connector RC1-6652-000CN

2 Holder, drawer RC1-6653-000CN

3 Guide, cable, left RC1-6681-000CN

4 Arm, switch-link RC1-6700-000CN

5 Guide, flexible flat cable 1 RC1-6772-000CN

6 Guide, flexible flat cable 2 RC1-6773-000CN

7 Guard, cable RC1-6825-000CN

8 Bracket, left, rear RC1-7551-000CN

9 Sensor, temperature WP2-5214-000CN

12 Cable, environment sensor RM1-2595-000CN

13 Cable, ETB RM1-2608-000CN

14 Cable, drum motor RM1-2610-000Cn

15 Cable, solenoid RM1-2611-000CN

16 Cable, cassette RM1-2613-000CN

17 Cable, drum motor (HP CLJ 3000) RM1-2629-000CN

17 Cable, drum motor (HP CLJ 3600/3800/CP3505) RM1-2614-000CN

18 Cable, paper-full RM1-2628-000CN

21 Fuser cable assembly RM1-2597-000CN

23 Cable, drive power RM1-2605-000CN

24 Scanner assembly (HP CLJ 3000) RM1-2952-000CN

24 Scanner assembly (HP CLJ 3600/3800/CP3505) RM1-2640-000CN
1 Cover, rear RC1-6627-000CN

2 Cover RC1-7577-000CN

3 Cable, drive flat RK2-0969-000CN

4 Cable, drive flat RK2-0970-000CN

5 Duct RC1-7546-000CN

9 Relay, PCA (HP CLJ 3000 only) RM1-2582-000CN

9 Relay, PCA (HP CLJ 3600/3800/CP3505 only) RM1-2632-000CN

10 Cable, panel connecting RM1-2587-000CN

11 Cable, power control RM1-2592-000CN

12 Cable, clamp WT2-5944-000CN

14 Multipurpose tray paper-pickup gear assembly RM1-2704-000CN

16 Shield, PCA RC1-7599-000CN

17 Cover, connector RC1-6607-000CN

18 Cover, paper sensor RC1-6611-000CN

19 Cover, registration sensor RC1-6612-000CN
All Paper-pickup drive assembly RM1-2679-000CN
All Duplexing-feed drive assembly (duplex models) RM1-2720-000CN
All Duplexing reverse-drive assembly (duplex models) RM1-2721-000CN

1 Cable, duplexing (duplex models) RM1-2616-000CN

2 Cable, duplexing sensor (duplex models) RM1-2618-000CN
All Developing separation (estrangement) drive assembly RM1-2687-000CN
All Fuser drive assembly RM1-2668-000CN

1 Cable, fuser drive RM1-2619-000CN
All Cassette, 250-sheet RM1-2705-000CN

6 Cover, cassette, front RC1-6491-000CN

25 Separation-pad assembly RM1-2709-000CN

NA Lift plate activator RC1-6833-020CN
All Paper-pickup assembly (HP CLJ 3600/3800/CP3505) RM1-2755-000CN

1 Multipurpose tray roller (HP CLJ 3600/3800/CP3505) RM1-2741-000CN

2 Cover, cassette roller assembly (HP CLJ 3600/3800/CP3505) RC1-6609-000CN

3 Cassette RM1-2702-000CN

4 Multipurpose tray separation-pad assembly (HP CLJ
All Paper-pickup assembly (HP CLJ 3000) RM1-2774-000CN

7 Spring, tension (HP CLJ 3000) RC1-6516-000CN

8 Bushing (HP CLJ 3000) RC1-6517-000CN

9 Bushing (HP CLJ 3000) RC1-6518-000CN

10 Pre-registration rachet (HP CLJ 3000) RC1-6444-000CN

11 Spring, compression (HP CLJ 3000) RC1-6520-000CN

12 Gear, 18T (HP CLJ 3000) RC1-6521-000CN

18 Preregistration guide assembly (HP CLJ 3000) RM1-2775-000CN

25 Block, Multipurpose path (HP CLJ 3000) RC1-7959-000CN

26 Media sensor case RC1-6394-000CN
All Electronic transfer belt (simplex models) RM1-2759-000CN

6 Motor, DC (ETB) (simplex models) RK2-0937-000CN
All Electronic transfer belt (duplex models) RM1-2752-000CN
All Multipurpose tray assembly (tray 1) RM1-2711-000CN
1 Duplex-paper feed assembly (duplex models) RM1-2718-000CN

2 Position-guide assembly (duplex models) RM1-2719-000CN

3 Lower guide assembly (duplex models) RM1-2722-000CN

4 Duplex-output bin full flag RC1-6755-000CN
All Fuser assembly 110V-127V RM1-2665-000CN
1 DC controller PCA assembly (HP CLJ 3000) RM1-2600-000CN

1 DC controller PCA assembly (HP CLJ 3600/3800/CP3505) RM1-2580-000CN

2 High-voltage PCA assembly RM1-2578-000CN

3 Low-voltage power PCA assembly (110V-127V) RM1-4377-000CN

4 Control panel-assembly (HP CLJ 3000) RK2-0996-000CN

4 Control-panel assembly (HP CLJ 3600/3800/CP3505) RK2-0989-000CN

5 Driver PCA RM1-2581-000CN

6 Cartridge-sensor PCA RM1-2585-000CN

7 Duplexing PCA assembly (duplex models) RM1-2584-000CN

Formatter, new, HP Color LaserJet 3000 and 3000n Series only (128 MB) Q5982-67907

Formatter, exchange, HP Color LaserJet 3000 and 3000n
Series only (128 MB) Q5982-69001

Formatter, new, HP Color LaserJet 3000dn and 3000dtn Series only (256 MB) Q5982-67908

Formatter, exchange, HP Color LaserJet 3000dn and 3000dtn Series only (256 MB) Q5982-69002

Formatter, new, HP Color LaserJet 3800 and 3800n printers only (128 MB) Q5982-67907

Formatter, exchange, HP Color LaserJet 3800 and 3800n printers only (128 MB Q5982-69001

Formatter, new, HP Color LaserJet 3800dn and 3800dtn printers only (256 MB) Q5982-67908

Formatter, exchange, HP Color LaserJet 3800dn and 3800dtn printers only (256 MB) Q5982-69002

Formatter, new, HP Color LaserJet CP3505 CB441-67901

Formatter, exchange, HP Color LaserJet CP3505 CB441-69001

I controller (formatter), HP Color LaserJet 3600 Series only Q5987-67901

Firmware, Compact Flash, HP Color LaserJet 3000 Series only Q7725-67903

Firmware, Compact Flash, HP Color LaserJet 3600/3800/CP3505 Series only Q7725-67902

DIMM, 64 MB DDR SDRAM, HP Color LaserJet 3600 Series only Q7800-679
500–sheet feeder and cassette Q5985–67901

All 500–sheet cassette (only), tray 3 RM1-2732-000CN

14 Cover, 500-sheet cassette RC1-6945-000CN

25 Separation-pad-holder assembly (500-sheet feeder) RM1-2735-000CN
All 500-sheet feeder paper-pickup assembly RM1-2725-000CN

20 Photointerruptor WG8-5696-000CN

21 Cable, option sensor RM1-2625-000CN

22 Sensor, media assembly RM1-2757-000CN

22A Cable, option media sensor (500-sheet feeder) RM1-2624-000CN

23 Paper-pickup-roller assembly (500-sheet feeder) RM1–2727–000CN
1 PCA assembly (500-sheet feeder) RM1-2583-000CN