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AMT Datasouth Fastmark 600 Series Thermal


Fastmark 400 Series
Fastmark 600 Series Bar Code Printers

For a wide variety of applications that require high-capacity label printing from a desktop machine,the Fastmark 600Printer Series offers a user-friendly,cost-effective solution. With its small footprint and leading edge design,the FM600 Series uses the latest technology to bridge the gap between affordable cost and industrial performance. Furthermore,with AMT Datasouth's exclusive Printer Application Language (PAL),the Fastmark 600 Printer is ready to go to work with your system as soon as you plug it in.

Printer Features Include:

  • High-speed printing up to 300 dpi (from 4"to 6" per second)

  • Drop-in media and centered alignment for fast,easy loading

  • Clear window for accessible printing

  • 6" OD media rolls and 360M ribbons allowing for longer use between reloading

  • Functional design for seamless performance all the time,every time

  • Operating options that include a wide variety of bar codes and PAL capabilities

  • AMT Customer Care before and after purchase to protect your investment

  • Space saving, lightweight office design

  • High print speed, easy loading, and large media rolls

  • High print speed, easy loading, and large media rolls

  • Variable media widths (1" - 4"]

  • Larger capacity label/tag printing that?s extremely affordable

  • Meets customer demands with speed and flexibility

  • On-board complement of linear and 2D barcode symbologies