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Genicom 7910, 7912, 7916



Genicom 7910
Genicom 7912
Genicom 7916

    Datastream support in IBM mainframe, AS/400, S/36, and PC/LAN environments.
    Perfect multiuser printer for word processing, electronic forms with overlays, bar codes, labels, and graphics.
    AFP/IPDS support is provided via coax, twinax, and TCP/IP.
    Supporting automatic emulation switching between host and PC ports.
    Full IBM 4028 IPDS emulation models.
    MarkVisionTM software utility dramatically simplifies printing.
    MarkNetTM internal network adapter options provide advanced functions, bar codes, paper handling, and more.
Typical Applications
    Multiuser IBM client/server environments (AFP/IPDS support on LAN)
    Word processing, bar codes, labels, graphics
    Electronic forms with overlays such as insurance and medical applications
Printing Technology
Laser electrophotography

Print Speed:
7910: 10 ppm
7916R Plus: 16 ppm
7916Lx Plus: 16 ppm

Emulation dependent; 300 and 600 dpi; 1200 dpi on 7916 models*
Coax/twinax support 300 dpi only

PostScript Level 2: 49 Type 1 scalable fonts
Enhanced PCL 5: 46 scalable fonts; 2 bitmapped fonts (POSTNET and Line Printer)

Note: 7916 support HP style font cartridges

Coax/twinax IPDS: Support IBM 4028 resident fonts
Coax/twinax SCS: Support Enhanced PCL 5 fonts

User Interface:
4 x 20 LCD menu-driven, front panel, quick-start utility for setup and tests
MarkVision software printer management utility
Network printer utility that ships with optional network adapters

Duty Cycle:
7910: Up to 25,000 pages/mo.
7916R Plus: Up to 50,000 pages/mo.
7916Lx Plus: Up to 75,000 pages/mo.

Single-unit, user-installable Diamond Fine toner (microfine toner for 1200 dpi)
7910 ships with 4K cartridge
7916 ship with 7K cartridge
7K and 14K available for all models

Paper Handling
7910 7916R 7916Lx
Plus Plus
Input (Std/Max) 200/800 200/1000 500/1300
Output 250 250 500
Duplexer (opt.) 130 130 300
2nd Drawer (opt.) 500 500 500
Envelope (opt.) 75 75 75
Dual Rear
Feeder (opt.) N/A (2) 150 (2) 150
Aux. Feeder (opt.) 100 100 100

All Models:
Enhanced PCL 5, PostScript Level 2, HPGL

IPDS - IBM 4028 NS1, 3912/3916, 3112/3116
SCS - IBM 3268/3287

IPDS - IBM 4028 AS1, 3912/3916, 3112/3116
SCS - IBM 5219/3812-1

IPDS via TCP/IP available on 7916 models only

Interfaces and Connectivity
7910: Parallel and coax or twinax; optional serial adapter
7916: Parallel, serial, coax, or twinax

Optional internal network interface slot for Token Ring, Ethernet (10BaseT/10Base2), or LocalTalk

7910: 16MHz AMD 29200 32-bit RISC and MIPS 32-bit RISC
7916: 25MHz AMD 29030 32-bit RISC and MIPS 32-bit RISC

7910: 2Mb standard; 10Mb max.
7916R Plus: 4Mb standard; 64Mb max.
7916Lx Plus: 4Mb standard; 64Mb max.

1, 2, 4Mb FLASH memory for storing fonts, overlays, emulation dependent
100Mb hard drive option on 7916 models**

Physical Specifications
Size (HxWxD):
7910: 11.8 x 14.9 x 21 in. (299 x 378 x 533 mm)
7916R Plus: 13.1 x 16.1 x 21.1 in. (333.3 x 410 x 537.1 mm)
7916Lx Plus: 17.2 x 16.1 x 21.1 in. (436.3 x 410 x 537.1 mm)

7910: 40 lbs (18.3 kg)
7916R Plus: 40 lbs (18.3 kg)
7916Lx Plus: 46 lbs (21.0 kg)

Energy Star compliant
PowerSaver mode
Ozone-free electrophotography
Sound Level: 50 dBa running; 33 dBa idle