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Lexmark MS321 MS421 MS521 M124x B2338 B2442 B2546 Parts


1 Assembly 1: Covers
1 41X1171 Top cove

2 41X2262 Output extender

3 41X1169 Rear door and cove

4 41X2263 Rear access door

40X8520 Dust cover, 250-sheet tray
40X8520 (New)

40X8520 Dust cover 250-sheet tray
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

6 41X1165 Right cover

7 41X1233 Right access cover

8 41X1163 Nameplate

9 41X1167 Left cover
2 Assembly 2: Control panel

1 41X1155 Bezel (MS321)

1 41X1156 Bezel (MS421)

1 41X1157 Bezel (MS521)

2 41X2264 Control panel cover and buttons (MS321, MS421)

2 41X2265 Control panel cover and buttons (MS521)

3 41X1186 Control panel display assembly (MS321, MS421)

3 41X1189 Control panel display assembly (MS521)

4 41X2267 Flat cable, 2.4 - inch display (MS521)

4 41X2266 Flat cable, 2-line display (MS321, MS421)

5 41X1873 Wireless module

6 41X2270 Wireless module cable
3 Assembly 3: Electronics 1

1 41X1185 Printhead

2 41X1178 Fuser, 110V

3 41X1191 Controller board (MS321, MS421)

3 41X1193 Controller board (MS521)

4 41X1201 Power supply, 100V/110V

5 41X1224 Main drive gearbox
4 Assembly 4: Electronics 2

1 41X2259 Cooling fan

2 41X1213 MPF solenoid

3 41X2391 Pick roller clutch

4 41X1237 Motor (cartridge)

5 41X1214 Reverse solenoid
5 Assembly 5: Electronics 3

1 41X1988 Cartridge barrel sensor kit

2 41X1162 Toner cartridge smart chip contact

3 41X1211 Sensor (bin full)

4 41X1209 Sensor (front door)

5 41X1236 Interconnect cable

6 41X1238 Sensor (tray present)

7 41X1210 Sensor (MPF paper present)
6 Assembly 6: Electronics 4

1 41X1206 Sensor (duplex and input)

2 41X1240 Sensor (trailing edge)

40X8046 Toner density sensor
40X8046 (New)

40X8046 Toner density sensor
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

7 Assembly 7: Paper transport 1

1 41X1183 Jam access cover

2 41X1184 Front input guide

3 41X1176 Duplex assembly

4 41X1182 MPF gearbox (MS521)

4 41X2271 MPF gearbox (MS321,MS421)

5 41X2255 Fuser cam

6 41X2268 Redrive gear plate
8 Assembly 8: Paper transport 2

40X8393 Transfer roll
40X8393 (New)

40X8393 Transfer roll
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

2 41X1197 MPF pick roller and separator pad

3 41X1223 Pick roller assembly

41X0918 Pick Tire
41X0918 (New)

5 41X1203 Redrive assembly
9 Assembly 9: MPF and standard tray

1 41X1218 MPF with front access cover

2 41X2125 Standard 250-sheet tray insert (MS321, MS421)

2 41X1220 Standard 250-sheet tray insert (MS521)
10 Assembly 10: Optional trays

1 41X1216 Optional 550-sheet tray

1 41X1217 Optional 250-sheet tray

2 41X1239 Pick roller

3 41X1222 550-sheet tray insert (optional tray)

3 41X1221 250-sheet tray insert (optional tray)

4 41X1212 Separator roller assembly