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Lexmark CX421 CX522 CX622 CX625 MC2325 MC2425 MC2535 MC2640 XC2235 XC4240 Parts


Assembly 1: 2.4-inch control panel

1 41X2056 MC2325 control panel badge cover

1 41X2131 MC2425 control panel badge cover

1 41X2057 CX321 control panel badge cover

1 41X2065 CX421 control panel badge cover

2 41X1044 2.4-inch control panel top cover

3 41X1368 2.4-inch control panel assembly

4 41X2024 2.4-inch control panel ribbon cable

5 41X2023 USB cable
Assembly 2: 4.3-inch and 7-inch control panel

1 41X2128 CX625 control panel badge cover

1 41X2129 XC4240 control panel badge cover

2 41X0543 7-inch control panel bezel (CX625 and XC2420)

3 41X0051 7-inch control panel assembly (CX625 and XC2420)

4 41X1048 7-inch control panel base cover (CX625 and XC2420)

5 41X2025 7-inch control panel ribbon cable (CX625 and XC2420)

6 40X6517 Speaker (MC2325, CX421, and MC2425)

6 41X1311 Speaker (CX522, CX622, CX625, XC2235, XC4240, MC2325, MC2425, MC2535, and MC2640)

7 41X2023 USB cable

8 41X1047 Control panel rotation arm

9 41X2306 Headphone cable with clip

10 41X1045 Scanner top front cover

11 41X2024 4.3-inch control panel ribbon cable (CX522, CX622, MC2535, and XC2235)

12 41X1046 4.3-inch control panel base cover (CX522, CX622, MC2535, and XC2235)

13 41X1359 4.3-inch control panel assembly (CX522, CX622, MC2535, and XC2235)

14 41X1727 4.3-inch control panel bezel (CX522, CX622, MC2535, and XC2235)

15 41X2130 MC2535 control panel badge cover

15 41X2058 CX522 control panel badge cover

15 41X2059 XC2235 control panel badge cover

15 41X2067 CX622 control panel badge cover

NS 41X1731 Front bracket cover

NS 41X2022 Control panel power cable
Assembly 3: Covers

1 41X1295 Output bin

2 41X1288 MFP cable cover

3 41X1284 Top cover with fan

4 41X2114 Front toner door pivot bracket

5 41X0397 System fan

6 41X1787 Rear cover (CX622, CX625, MC2640, and XC4240)

6 41X2101 Rear cover (CX522 and MC2535)

6 41X2102 Rear cover (CX421 and MC2425)

6 41X2104 Rear cover (CX321 and MC2325)

7 41X1296 MFP link

8 41X1049 Toner cover with damper

9 40X7823 Right cover

10 41X1285 250-sheet tray

11 40X7619 Door straps

12 41X1286 Front door

13 41X1287 Front middle cover

14 41X1291 Left cover
Assembly 4: Paper path and frame

1 41X2307 Narrow media sensor flag

2 40X8819 Right fuser deflector

3 41X1041 110 V Fuser

3 41X1300 220 V Fuser

3 41X1299 100 V Fuser

4 41X1040 Printhead

5 40X7629 Motor (fuser drive)

6 41X2327 Subframe cable cover

7 41X1312 Lower right subframe

8 40X5168 Pick tires

9 41X1292 Media feeder

10 41X1039 Transfer module

11 41X0580 Transfer module guide

12 41X2326 Lower left subframe

13 41X1289 EP drive assembly

NS 41X2360 Sub frame foot
Assembly 5: Electronics

1 41X1785 Controller board (CX321, MC2325, CX421, and MC2425)

1 41X2099 Controller board (CX522 and MC2535)

1 41X1786 Controller board (CX622, CX625, MC2640, and XC4240)

2 40X7620 Toner meter card

3 41X1042 High - voltage power supply

4 40X7301 Photo sensors:
- Sensor (tray present)
- Sensor (duplex)
- Sensor (bin full/narrow media)

5 41X1290 Weather station

6 40X5413 Sensor (fuser exit)

7 41X1043 Low-voltage power supply (170 W)
Assembly 6: Cables and sensors

1 41X1904 Sensor (left toner patch with thermistor)

2 41X2348 Sensor (right toner patch with thermistor)

3 41X1722 Waste toner bottle contact block

4 41X1723 Toner cartridge contact

5A 41X2328 Fuser exit narrow media to controller board

5B 41X2329 Fuser/input sensor cable

5C 41X2332 LVPS to controller board cable

5D 41X2330 EP motor to controller board cable

5E 41X2335 Tray 2 to controller board cable

5F 41X2334 HVPS to controller board cable

5G 41X2336 Tray present sensor cable

5H 41X2331 AC power to LVPS cable

6 41X1561 Front and right side interlock switch cover assembly

NS 41X2333 Weather station cable
Assembly 7: Scanner Asm

1 41X1294 Flatbed scanner assembly (CX321, MC2325, CX421, MC2425, CX522, and MC2535)

1 41X2071 Flatbed scanner assembly (CX622, CX625, MC2640, and XC4240)

2 41X1282 Flatbed pivot link (rear right)

3 41X1560 Release lever

4 41X1281 Scanner right cover

5 41X2126 Bin full flag

6 41X1559 Redrive unit

7 41X1283 Flatbed pivot link (front left)

NS 40X2252 Redrive spacer screws
Assmebly 8 ADF Asm

1 41X1276 ADF assembly (CX421, MC2425, CX522, and MC2535)

1 41X1293 ADF assembly (CX622, CX625, MC2640, and XC4240)

1 41X1275 ADF assembly (CX321 and MC2325)

2 41X1333 ADF tray (CX321, MC2325, CX421, MC2425, CX522, and MC2535)

2 41X1335 ADF tray (CX622, CX625, MC2640, and XC4240)

3 40X8734 ADF right hinge

4 41X1974 Flatbed cushion

5 40X8735 ADF left hinge

6 41X2116 ADF top cover assembly (CX321 and MC2325)

6 41X2117 ADF top cover assembly (CX622, CX625, MC2640, and XC4240)

6 41X2118 ADF top cover assembly (CX421, MC2425, CX522, and MC2535)

7 40X8736 ADF pick roller (CX321, MC2325, CX421, MC2425, CX522, and MC2535)

7 41X1326 ADF pick roller (CX622, CX625, MC2640, and XC4240)

8 40X6247 ADF separator pad (CX321 and MC2325)

8 41X0917 ADF separator roller (CX421, MC2425, CX522, and MC2535)

8 41X1325 ADF separator roller (CX622, CX625, MC2640, and XC4240)

9 41X1973 ADF restraint pad (CX321, MC2325, CX421, MC2425,CX522, and MC2535)

9 41X1322 ADF restraint pad (CX622, CX625, MC2640, and XC4240)

NS 41X2159 ADF FFC guide
Assembly 9: Option trays

1 41X1783 Optional 650-sheet duo tray

2 40X5168 Pick tires

3 41X1784 650-sheet duo tray insert

4 40X7178 650-sheet duo tray MPF rollers

5 41X1780 550-sheet tray

6 41X1781 550 - sheet tray insert
NS 41X2096 115 V Maintenance kit (fuser and transfer module)