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4224-6xx Printer upgrade kit with full IPDS Support
Converts all these IBM 4224 dot-matrix printers:
Twinax 4224-101, 4224-102, 4224-1E2, 4224-1E3
Coax: 4224-201, 4224-202, 4224-2E2, 4224-2E3
RS/6000: 4224-301, 4224-302, 4224-3E3

Kit allows existing, legacy IBM 4224 printers to function correctly in PC/LAN/WAN environments using full Windows support (Win95, Win98, NT, DOS) as a network addressable TCP/IP device. Quick and easy installation, allows these highly durable printers to work seamlessly with your current Ethernet or Token Ring network. Fully field tested.  These printers can be connected to:

  • Ethernet TCP/IP
  • RS-232 serial
  • Parallel
  • Token Ring

  •   4224-6xx Internal Coax/Twinax to Ethernet
    Retrofit for direct ethernet connection. Unit is direct replacement for IBM coax (3270) or twinax (5250), attachment cards. Full DHCP support. Full IPDS passthrough. Full HP JetAdmin support.  Requires no external power.  (Internal print server and detailed instructions)

    4224-4se Coax/Twinax to Token Ring/PC/Serial.
    Convenient all-in-one cable design allows attachment to LANs through any network-attached PC. All equipment retains maintenance qualification. Requires no external power. (Printer cable, attachment card, and detailed instructions).

    ACC 6xe Coax/Twinax to Ethernet
    Direct ethernet connection. Full IPDS support. Full DHCP support. Full HP JetAdmin support.  All equipment retains maintenance
    qualification. (Print server, power cord, printer cable, attachment card, and detailed instructions)

      1.110v internal power supply (no dangling "spaghetti" wire)
      2.Coax port (3270)
      3.Twinax port (5250)
      4.Parallel port (DB25)
      5.Serial port (DB9)
      6.Ethernet RJ45 port
      7.Rack mountable
      8.Full metal case
      9.Easy set-once configuration
     10.Status light
     11.Built-in diagnostics
     12.Full IPDS passthrough
     13.Full EBCDIC to ASCII conversion
     14.Full HP JetDirect compatibility
     15.1 year warranty

    Tested and supported on:
    All IBM coax and twinax printers including high speed band printers and shuttle matrix devices, as well as desktop matrix printers.
    All Memorex-Telex twinax and coax printers.
    All Tally twinax and coax printers.