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Dell S5840 Parts


Some covers available, please call for these.
1 Rear cover

2 41X0558 Toner door mount bracket

3 41X0415 Toner door mount

NS 41X1009 External air filter
3 41X0422 Number pad cover

4 41X0050 4.3 - in. control panel

5 41X0423 Control panel base cover

6 41X0561 Left control panel arm

7 41X0441 Control panel USB cable

8 41X0562 Right control panel arm

9 41X0399 Speaker

41X0252 CS720 CS725 CX725 Fuser 110-120V Type 00
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty
40X9929 Image Transfer Unit
40X9929 (New)

2 41X0683  Transfer module guide rail
40X7911 Media size sensor
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

2 41X0372 Tray rails

3 41X0825 Support strap

4 41X0373 Paper size sensor actuators -

41X0956 Pick Roller Assembly
41X0956 (New)

6 41X0396 Media feeder

7 550-sheet tray

1 41X0390 Output roll

2 41X0395 Fuser drive gear

3 41X0001 Motor (fuser)

4 41X0757 Waste toner bottle idler

5 41X0450 Sensor (media type)

6 41X0386 Deskew rollers

7 41X0385 Sensor (input)

8 41X0381 Motor (duplex/MPF)

9 41X0451 Motor (output)

10 41X0391 Output gear

NA 41X0392 Output drive
1 41X0265 Printhead

2 41X0389 Diverter

3 41X0570 Sensor (duplex path)

4 41X0388 Redrive guide

5 41X0384 Isolation unit

6 41X0758 Aligner drivetrain kit

7 41X0387 Motor (deskew)

8 41X0393 Motor (black only retract)

9 41X0564 Motor (EP drive)

10 41X0264 EP gear box

NS 41X0897 Developer hold down
1 41X0447 Sensor (fuser buckle

2 41X0824 Static brush

3 41X0379 Guide spring

4 41X0378 Tensioner belt

5 41X0446 Sensor (duplex staging)

6 41X0377 Pivot shaft

7 41X0400 Cable cover

8 41X0407 Duplex outer guide

9 41X0376 Duplex inner guide
1 41X0267 Controller board

2 41X0394 TMC card

3 41X0785 Sensor (weather station)

4 41X0270 High voltage power supply

5 41X0382 Toner cartridge contact

6 41X0486 Sensor (waste toner contact)

7 41X0566 Sensor (MPF paper present)

8 41X0450 Sensor (media type)

9 41X0385 Sensor (input)

10 41X0578 TPS wipers

11 41X0383 Sensor (TPS)

12 41X0441 Control panel USB cable

13 41X0425 Low voltage power supply

14 41X0398 Fuser fan

15 41X0397 Main fan 301

NS 41X0719 Control panel cable kit

NS 41X0575 TPS cable

NS 41X0413 Cable replacement pack: - - Output roll motor cable - - Paper path motors cable - - CMY cartridge motors cable - - Fuser motor cable - - K cartridge ITM motor cable - - Lower path sensors cable - - Upper path sensors cable - - Fuser DC cable - - Input option cables - - HVPS cable - - LVPS DC cable - - Fuser AC cable - - AC line in cable - - BOR motor cable

NS 41X0418 Control panel FFC cable

NS 41X0420 Speaker cable
1 550-sheet tray

2 550-sheet tray insert
1 41X0471 550-sheet tray interface cable

2 41X0331 550-sheet tray controller board

3 41X0466 Motor (550-sheet tray pass - through)

4 40X7911 Sensor (550-sheet tray paper size)

5 41X0468 Sensor (550-sheet tray trailing edge)

6 41X0396 550-sheet tray paper feeder

7 41X0469 Sensor (550-sheet tray index)

8 41X0472 550-sheet tray empty sensor actuator

9 41X0956 550-sheet tray pick roller

10 41X0470 Sensor (550-sheet tray empty)

11 41X0373 550-sheet tray paper size sensor actuator

12 41X0374 550-sheet tray separator pad

13 41X0334 Sensor (550-sheet tray pass-through)
1 41X0764 Locking caster

2 41X0775 Nonlocking caster

3 41X0774 Locking caster