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IBM / Toshiba 4610-2CR and 2NR Parts


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1 – 80Y1227 Model 2NR with pearl white covers

– 80Y1225 Model 2CR with pearl white covers

– 80Y1228 Model 2NR with iron gray covers

– 80Y1226 Model 2CR with iron gray cover

–1 46T7644 Paper door, pearl white

–1 46T7645 Paper door, iron gray

–2 44D0166 Main cover, pearl white

–2 44D0167 Main cover, iron gray

–3 44D0148 Thermal cutter assembly

–4 44D0194 Document paper feed motor and gear

–5 44D0152 Impact platen assembly (Models 2CR)

– Impact platen
– MICR head
– Document sensors
– Miscellaneous hardware

–5 44D0154 Impact platen assembly (Models 2NR)

– Impact platen
– Document sensors
– Miscellaneous hardware

–6 44D0186 Tear bar assembly

– Tear bar
– Stationary cutter blade

–7 44D0187 Thermal latch assembly

– Latch
– Blue cover open button
– Miscellaneous hardware

–8 44D0189 Thermal printhead

–9 80Y1240 Paper out sensor assembly

–10 80Y1245 Main logic card

–11 80Y1120 Impact printhead/carriage assembly

–12 44D0206 Main frame assembly

–13 44D0184 Transport motor assembly

–14 44D0171 Flipper door, pearl white (Model 2CR)

–14 44D0172 Flipper door, iron gray (Model 2CR)

–14 44D0174 Flipper door, pearl white (Model 2NR) Note: Model 2NR doors have no magnet, rollers, or springs

–14 44D0176 Flipper door, iron gray (Model 2NR) Note: Model 2NR doors have no magnet, rollers, or springs

–15 80Y0777 Ribbon door, pearl white

–15 80Y0778 Ribbon door, iron gray

–16 44D0178 Ribbon drive assembly

–17 46N2640 Thermal paper feed motor and gears

–18 80Y1119 Upper throat assembly (Model 2NR)

– Upper plate
– DI roller
– Wear plate
– Miscellaneous hardware

–18 80Y1118 Upper throat assembly (Model 2CR)

– Upper plate
– DI roller
– Pressure pad
– Miscellaneous hardware

–19 44D0196 Paper stage, rollers, and lift spring

–20 46N2639 Flipper rollers and springs

–21 44D0195 Low-paper sensors

–22 44D0179 Distribution card

–23 44D0177 Flipper cartridge assembly (Model 2CR)

–24 44D0161 Skirt, iron gray

–25 44D0204 Ground strap

–26 44M2417 RS-485 interface card (Japan)

–26 44D0158 RS-232 interface card

–26 44D0159 USB interface

–26 44D0157 RS-485 interface card

–26 00L8111 Ethernet interface card

–27 44D0185 Transport shaft and adjusters:

– Belt tensioner assembly
– Belt tensioner spring
– Carriage timing belt

– 44D0198 DI and paper out sensors cable

– 44D0197 Flipper, ribbon, transport cable

– 44D0199 CR paper feed motor cable

– 44D0208 Thermal head cable with clamp