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Printronix T8000 Thermal Printers


Printronix T8000 Series

Looking for Printronix T8000 Series Parts?
Printronix T8204 Thermal Transfer Printer (4" wide, 203dpi)
Printronix T8304 Thermal Transfer Printer (4" wide, 300dpi)
Printronix T8206 Thermal Transfer Printer (6" wide, 203dpi)
Printronix T8306 Thermal Transfer Printer (6" wide, 300dpi)
Printronix T8208 Thermal Transfer Printer (8" wide, 203dpi)
Printronix T8308 Thermal Transfer Printer (8" wide, 300dpi)

Printronix T8xx IPDS with Standard Emulations
Printronix T8xx TN (Telnet 5250, 3270)
Printronix T8xx Postscript/PDF
Printronix T8xx PrintNet Wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n
Printronix T8xx Parallel Port
Printronix T8xx GPIO Module
Printronix T8xx 4" Rewinder/Peeler
Printronix T8xx 6" Rewinder/Peeler
Printronix T8xx 8" Rewinder/Peeler
Printronix T8xx 4" Heavy Duty Cutter & Tray
Printronix T8xx 6" Heavy Duty Cutter & Tray
Printronix T8xx 8" Heavy Duty Cutter & Tray
Printronix T8xx Online Data Validation (ODV)
Printronix T8xx 258791-SP1 SERVICE PAK, NBD, 1 YEAR, T8X04
Printronix T8xx 258791-SP3 SERVICE PAK, NBD, 3 YEAR, T8X04
Printronix T8xx 258792-VAL-SP1 SERVICE PAK, NBD, 1 YEAR, T8X04 W/ODV
Printronix T8xx 258792-VAL-SP3 SERVICE PAK, NBD, 3 YEAR, T8X04 W/ODV
Printronix T8xx 258793-SP1 SERVICE PAK, NBD, 1 YEAR, T8X06
Printronix T8xx 258793-SP3 SERVICE PAK, NBD, 3 YEAR, T8X06
Printronix T8xx 258794-VAL-SP1 SERVICE PAK, NBD, 1 YEAR, T8X06 W/ODV
Printronix T8xx 258794-VAL-SP3 SERVICE PAK, NBD, 3 YEAR, T8X06 W/ODV
Printronix T8xx 258795-SP1 SERVICE PAK, NBD, 1 YEAR, T8X08
Printronix T8xx 258795-SP3 SERVICE PAK, NBD, 3 YEAR, T8X08
Printronix T8xx 258796-VAL-SP1 SERVICE PAK, NBD, 1 YEAR, T8X08 W/ODV
Printronix T8xx 258796-VAL-SP3 SERVICE PAK, NBD, 3 YEAR, T8X08 W/ODV
Printronix T8xx 258797-001 SERVICE, 1YR, NBD, T8X04
Printronix T8xx 258797-003 SERVICE, 3YR, NBD, T8X04
Printronix T8xx 258798-VAL-001 SERVICE, 1YR, NBD, T8X04 W/ODV
Printronix T8xx 258798-VAL-003 SERVICE, 3YR, NBD, T8X04 W/ODV
Printronix T8xx 258799-001 SERVICE, 1YR, NBD, T8X06
Printronix T8xx 258799-003 SERVICE, 3YR, NBD, T8X06
Printronix T8xx 258800-VAL-001 SERVICE, 1YR, NBD, T8X06 W/ODV
Printronix T8xx 258800-VAL-003 SERVICE, 3YR, NBD, T8X06 W/ODV
Printronix T8xx 258801-001 SERVICE, 1YR, NBD, T8X08
Printronix T8xx 258801-003 SERVICE, 3YR, NBD, T8X08
Printronix T8xx 258802-VAL-001 SERVICE, 1YR, NBD, T8X08 W/ODV
Printronix T8xx 258802-VAL-003 SERVICE, 3YR, NBD, T8X08 W/ODV
Printronix T8xx 258803-001 SERVICE, 1YR, DEPOT, RETURN TO FACTORY, T8X04
Printronix T8xx 258803-003 SERVICE, 3YR, DEPOT, RETURN TO FACTORY, T8X04
Printronix T8xx 258805-001 SERVICE, 1YR, DEPOT, RETURN TO FACTORY, T8X06
Printronix T8xx 258805-003 SERVICE, 3YR, DEPOT, RETURN TO FACTORY, T8X06
Printronix T8xx 258807-001 SERVICE, 1YR, DEPOT, RETURN TO FACTORY, T8X08
Printronix T8xx 258807-003 SERVICE, 3YR, DEPOT, RETURN TO FACTORY, T8X08
Printronix T8xx 258704-001 FIELD KIT, Printhead, STD LIFE, T8204 (Plastic Head Covers)
Printronix T8xx 258704-002 FIELD KIT, Printhead, STD LIFE, T8304 (Plastic Head Covers)
Printronix T8xx 258705-001 FIELD KIT, Printhead, STD LIFE, T8206
Printronix T8xx 258705-002 FIELD KIT, Printhead, STD LIFE, T8306
Printronix T8xx 258706-001 FIELD KIT, Printhead, STD LIFE, T8208
Printronix T8xx 258706-002 FIELD KIT, Printhead, STD LIFE, T8308
Printronix T8xx 258707-001 FIELD KIT, Printhead, HEAVY DUTY, T8204
Printronix T8xx 258707-002 FIELD KIT, Printhead, HEAVY DUTY, T8304
Printronix T8xx 258708-001 FIELD KIT, Printhead, HEAVY DUTY, T8206
Printronix T8xx 258708-002 FIELD KIT, Printhead, HEAVY DUTY, T8306
Printronix T8xx 258709-001 FIELD KIT, Printhead, HEAVY DUTY, T8208
Printronix T8xx 258709-002 FIELD KIT, Printhead, HEAVY DUTY, T8308
Printronix T8xx 258686-001 QCMC CARD, WITH MAC SWAPPER
Printronix T8xx 258712-001 REWIND/PEEL, 4IN
Printronix T8xx 258712-001 Rewind/Peel 4In
258712-001 (New)

Printronix T8xx 258712-002 REWIND/PEEL, 6IN
Printronix T8xx 258712-002 Rewind/Peel 6In
258712-002 (New)

Printronix T8xx 258712-003 REWIND/PEEL, 8IN
Printronix T8xx 258712-003 Rewind/Peel 8In
258712-003 (New)

Printronix T8xx 250673-003 UPWARD TEAR-OFF, 4IN
Printronix T8xx 250673-002 UPWARD TEAR-OFF, 6IN
Printronix T8xx 250673-001 UPWARD TEAR-OFF, 8IN
Printronix T8xx 258615-003 HEAVY DUTY CUTTER, 4IN
Printronix T8xx 258615-002 HEAVY DUTY CUTTER, 6IN
Printronix T8xx 258615-001 HEAVY DUTY CUTTER, 8IN
Printronix T8xx 172444-001 CUTTER TRAY, 4IN
Printronix T8xx 172444-001 Cutter Tray 4In
172444-001 (New)

Printronix T8xx 170829-001 CUTTER TRAY, 6IN
Printronix T8xx 170829-001 Cutter Tray 6In
170829-001 (New)

Printronix T8xx 170830-001 CUTTER TRAY, 8IN
Printronix T8xx 170830-001 Cutter Tray 8In
170830-001 (New)

Printronix T8xx 258634-901 PARALLEL PORT
Printronix T8xx 258634-901 Parallel Port
258634-901 (New)

Printronix T8xx 258633-901 GPIO, T8
Printronix T8xx 258634-901 Parallel Port
258634-901 (New)

Printronix T8xx 258681-001 ODV Kit, T8
Printronix T8xx 258771-001 UPGRADE KIT, SPX, STD/IPDS
Printronix T8xx 258772-001 UPGRADE KIT, SPX, POSTSCRIPT/PDF, T8
Printronix T8xx 257819-001 FONT CARD, KOREAN ANDALE
Printronix T8xx 257820-001 FONT CARD, JAPANESE ANDALE
Printronix T8xx 257821-001 FONT CARD, HANGUL PREMIUM
Printronix T8xx 257823-001 FONT CARD, JAPANESE PREMIUM
Printronix T8xx 258630-001 FONT CARD, THAI, PREM ASIAN FONT
Printronix T8xx 258630-901 FONT CARD, THAI, PREM ASIAN FONT
The T8000 is the premier high-end thermal printer. With unmatched industrial performance, easy to use, and 100% verifiable output, the T8000 exceeds the requirements of the most demanding mission critical manufacturing and distribution operations. Highlights of the T8000 include:

Harsh Environments - Coolest in the industry

The T8000 is built to last with the ability to withstand dirt, grime, humidity, and extreme temperatures. The new T8000 is able to operate in the coldest environments of the industry, with temperatures as low as -5C (23F) for direct thermal and 5C (41F) for thermal transfer. The T8000 provides reliable printing, without the need to use a heated enclosure.

PostScript/PDF - Making history in industrial thermal technology

Presenting the industry's first industrial thermal printer with PostScript/PDF capabilities. The T8000 offers seamless connectivity of PostScript and PDF file printing for quick deployment, while supporting both 203 and 300 DPI applications in 35 different fonts. The T8000 supports the latest ERP systems and features Plug-n-Play as a native component with SAP drivers.

User-friendly - Larger color screen and Self-help Wizard

The T8000 thermal printers were designed with your convenience in mind. Featuring a new user interface with 3.4" hi-res color display panel, the T8000 thermal printers offer an advanced setup wizard with graphical icons and four navigation keys to configure and optimize your print. Browse through the QR code library included in the wizard to help you gain quick access to additional printer resources, including how-to videos.

Enterprise Performance - 40% more quality output

From the family of industrial grade experts, the T8000 thermal printers raise the bar in output performance. Utilizing a high-power ARM 9 processor, the T8000 thermal printer can print up to 14 IPS at 203 dpi - 40% more quality output. In addition, this printer series holds 512MB RAM and 128MB Flash memory with up to 1GHz clock speed to process complex labels and large print jobs.

Print Quality - Must be ODV -

100% quality barcodes is our mantra. Pairing the T8000 with the exclusivity of Printronix's Online Data Validator (ODV -) yields 100% scannable barcodes 100% of the time. The new Printronix HD print technology and intelligent heat management system feature 2x more variations per dot line, ultimately delivering finer resolution in heat applied output.

Supplies & Accessories


The best printing solution is achieved when the printer, ribbon, and labels are matched to the application requirements. The use of Genuine Printronix Thermal ribbons and labels will ensure image quality, consistent barcodes, and optimum application output required for today's production environments.


Genuine Printronix Thermal Transfer Ribbons used in a thermal printer are a critical element of the printing system. It's design, specification and selection are of the utmost importance in maintaining the integrity of the printer and the application. Printronix, with its years of experience in the design of printers and their applications, promises that you will receive the exact material required to maximize the performance of your Printronix printer.


Online Data Validation (ODV) is an option to our T8000 thermal barcode printers. This unique quality control option can inspect the barcodes on every label printed on a Printronix thermal printer. If any barcode on a label fails, the label is automatically cancelled and a replacement label is printed.


Printronix Printheads are engineered to optimize performance of your Printronix printer. Designed to be end-user replaceable; our easy to install printheads ensures a quick replacement, reducing downtime and minimizing operating costs.

Printronix now offers an optional Heavy Duty printhead designed to work best for harsh direct thermal labels applications, printers located in dirty environments, and exposed to high debris of flying particles in the atmosphere.

Available in 203 & 300 dpi options for 4", 6" and 8" formats.

Use genuine Printronix Thermal Media to double your Printhead warranty.


PrintNet Enterprise combines a fully integrated Ethernet adapter and Java-based remote management software giving users flexibility and control of their printers. This printer management tool provides increased IT resource efficiency, reduced downtime costs, maximized security, and complete compatibility across Printronix printing technologies.


The T8000 is the first in the thermal printer industry to offer the PostScript/PDF support for seamless integration and quick deployment for all printing environments. The PostSript/PDF option supports the latest ERP systems, and Plug-n-Play with native SAP Drivers.


The T8000 printers provide 802.11b/g wireless Ethernet connectivity. The wireless option comes standard with the powerful remote printer management tool, PrintNet Enterprise. This option can be factory installed or it can be installed in the field by an authorized service representative.

The T8000 printers can be configured with 802.11a/b/g/n wireless connectivity. In addition, it works in conjunction with the standard Ethernet 10/100BaseT, giving you the power of Dual NIC capability. This option can be factory installed or it can be installed in the field by an authorized service representative.


Traditionally, migrating away from twinax or coax to Ethernet eliminated valuable job control along with costly and inflexible infrastructure. Now, with TN5250, TN3270, or the latest IPDS, the choice between job control and cost reduction/flexibility is eliminated. These new options now enable Ethernet printing with the job control these mission critical applications require. Not only does this option preserve the job control, it also adds all the remote management capability of PrintNet Enterprise.


For applications that require on the spot labeling or batch production, the internal rewinder supports Peel-Off and Batch Rewind media handling modes. The printer can be ordered with a rewinder or it can be field installed at a later date by an authorized service representative.


For applications that require individual labels or groups of labels for applications such as item level part numbering or pallet labeling, the T8000 printers may be ordered with a cutter mechanism installed (for cutting tags and label liner), or the option can be installed by an authorized service representative at a later date. Once installed, the printer can be configured to automatically cut media after each or a specified number of labels is printed.


GPIO is both hardware and software. The hardware is the actual IO board to be mounted in the printer, and the software is the GPIO Manager which is part of the Printronix PrintNet Enterprise Suite remote management software. The GPIO hardware is a printed circuit board containing optically isolated inputs, outputs and relays. The GPIO software is both a printer resident GPIO event parser and a PC-based GPIO manager that allows the user to define how the general purpose IO hardware should behave for the given application.

QCMC (Quick Change Memory Card)

The T8000 now has an additional way to make your printer installation a snap. The Quick Change Memory Card (QCMC) stores your printer's configuration and network setting that allows you to easily install new printers and if a printer ever fails, allow easy change out to a new printer by your operator.

High performance ARM Cortex-A9
Available in 203 DPI and 300 DPI
4", 6", and 8" model configurations
Die-cast aluminum frame w/metal doors
Dual motor ribbon drive system
Transfer and direct printing
512MB RAM / 128 Flash Memory
4-32 GB SD flash memory card capability
Premium Asian and Andale font support

Max Print Speed (4"/6"/8"): 14/12/10 IPS @ 203 DPI
Print Method: Transfer and Direct
Resolution: 203 DPI / 300 DPI
Max. Print Width: 4.1" (104mm)/6.6" (168mm)/8.5" (216mm)
Printer Memory: 512MB RAM / 128MB Flash

Media Type: Roll or Fan-Fold Labels, Tags, Paper, Film, Tickets
Min. Media Width: (4"/6"/8"): 1" (25.4mm)/2" (50.8mm)/3" (76.2mm)
Max. Media Width: 4.5" (114.3mm)/6.8" (172.7mm)/8.75" (222.2mm)
Min. Media Length: 0.25" / 1.0" (Continuous/Tear-Off)/0.5" (Peel-Off)
Max. Media Length: Up to 99"
Media Thickness: 2.5 Mil (0.0025") to 10 Mil (0.010")
Media Roll Core Diameter: 1.5" (37.5mm) to 3.0" (76mm)
Max. Media Roll Diameter: 8.0" (209mm)
Media Sensing: Gap, Mark, Advanced Gap, Advanced Notch

Ribbon Type: Wax, Wax/Resin, Resin
Min. Ribbon Width: (4"/6"/8") 1" (25.4mm)/2" (50.8mm)/3" (76.2mm)
Max. Ribbon Width: (4"/6"/8") 4.5" (114.3mm)/6.8" (172.7mm)/8.75" (222.2mm)
Max. Ribbon Length: 625 Meters

Width (4"/6"/8"): 11.7" (297.2mm) / 13.4" (340.4mm) / 15.4" (391.2mm)
Height (4"/6"/8"): 13" (330.2mm) / 13" (330.2mm) / 13" (330.2mm)
Depth (4"/6"/8"): 20.5" (520.7mm) /20.5" (520.7mm) / 20.5" (520.7mm)
Printer Weight (4"/6"/8"): 37 lbs. (16.7Kg.) / 40 lbs. (18.1 Kg.) / 43 lbs. (19.5Kg.)
Shipping Weight (4"/6"/8"): 46 lbs. (20.8Kg.) / 49 lbs. (22.2 Kg.) / 52 lbs. (23.6Kg.)

Line Printer Plus Languages: P-Series + XQ, Proprinter, Serial Matrix, Epson
Job Control Languages: PJL, XML, and PTX-SETUP
Optional Languages: IPDS, TN5250/TN3270, PDF Level 1.7, Postscript Level 3

Standard Interface I/O: Serial RS232, USB, and Ethernet 10/100Base T
Optional Interface I/O: Parallel, WiFi (802.11a/b/g/n), GPIO
WiFi Security Protocol: WEP 40/128bit, WPA Personal (PSK), WPA2 Personal (PSK) and Enterprise (AES CCMP), EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLs, PEAPv0/MS-CHAPv2, PEAPv1, EAP-FAST, EAP-MD5

Online Data Validator (ODV) - Validates, Grade, Report, and Overstrike barcodes
Supports 1D Barcodes

Standard: Continuous, Tear-Off Strip, Tear-Off
Options: Peel-Off, Cut, and Rewind

Operating Temperature (Direct Thermal w/o accessories): 23 to 104 F (-5 to 40 C)
Operating Temperature (Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal w/ accessories): 40 to 104 F (5 to 40 C)
Operating Humidity Range: 20 to 85% Non-Condensing
Storage Temperature: -23 to 140 deg. F, (-5 to 60 deg. C)
Storage Humidity Range: 5% to 85% Non-condensing

Line Input: Auto Range 90 - 264 VAC (48 - 62 Hz)

Emissions: FCC, CE, CCC
Environmental: RoHS, WEEE, Energy Star

1D Barcodes: BC-412, Code 11, Code 39, Code 35, Code 93, Codabar, Code128 Subsets A/B/C, Industrial 2 of 5, Interleave 2 of 5, German I-2/5, EAN-8, EAN-13, UCC/EAN-128, UPC-A, UPC-E, UPCSHIP, UPS 11, MSI, Matrix 2 of 5, PLESSEY, POSTNET, 4-state PostBar, Australian 4-state, FIM, ITF14, TELEPEN, PLANET, USPS Intelligent Mail, LOGMARS
2D Barcodes: PDF-417, MicroPDF-417, Maxicode, DataMatrix, QR Codes, Aztec, GS1 Databar (RSS-14)

Graphic Formats: PCX, TIFF, BMP, PNG
Font Technologies: Intellifont, TrueType, Unicode
Standard Fonts: OCRA, OCRB, Courier, Letter Gothic, CG Times, CG Triumvirate/Bold/Condensed
Asian Fonts (Optional SD card): Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean
Andale Fonts (Optional SD card): Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese
PDF/ PostScript Level 3: 35 Fonts

PrintNet Enterprise Suite: Enterprise grade remove management solution

WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n
Rewind with Peel & Present 4"/6"/8"
Parallel Port Card
Heavy Duty Cutter 4"/6"/8"
Premium Asian Font Cards
Premium Andale Font Cards
QCMC (SD Quick Change Memory Card)
Online Data Validator (ODV)