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IBM 3483 Terminal


3483-V13 Coax Terminal with Keyboard
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

3483-V13 Coax Terminal with Keyboard
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

3483-V43 Terminal with Keyboard
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty


The 3483 InfoWindow* II Modular Display Station is a mainframe system (ES/9000*, S/370*, etc.) display terminal that attaches to a variety of IBM host computers. The 3483 InfoWindow II Modular Display Station provides a wide range of features and price points to meet various customer needs. This series is offered in a range of models and features a modular design of a logic, a keyboard, models with no monitors, models with various IBM PS/2* and PS/ValuePoint* monitors.


  • Modular design: separate modular logic unit (floor/wall/desk mount) with user selectable IBM monitor
  • Support of some new IBM monitors for high screen resolution, 27 x 132 (mode 5) and 50 x 80 (twin screen) formats, and advanced power management
  • Support of IBM PS/2 Host Connect Keyboard
  • 3481/3482 compatible with enhancements: Dynamic color assignment for foreground and background colors, 195,000 Color palette, Record/Play enhancements, Security controls


The monitors supported by the 3483 include a 14-inch conventional color CRT, a 15-inch FST color CRT, and the 17-inch Trinitron** (TR) color CRT, the latest technology products. With an attachment of the new multi-frequency monitors, the 3483 provides improved ergonomics for increased user comfort.

  • Advanced power management that meets the power consumption requirements defined by the EPA "Energy Star" program, and by specification 803299 of the Swedish NUTEK organization.
  • ISO Standard 9241 Part 3 to provide users with display modes for flicker-free viewing of crisp, clear, bright, high-contrast text.
  • Swedish MPR-II guideline for low electric, magnetic and electrostatic emissions.

The 3483 also supports the IBM PS/2 Host Connect Keyboard which has both host (mainframe) and PC nomenclature on the keytops. This modular design concept allows the customer to maintain monitor and PS/2 Host Connect Keyboard investment when migrating to a PC environment in the future.

The 3483 is 3481/3482 compatible with enhancements. The enhancements include:

  • Dynamic color assignment of foreground and background color from a 195,000 color palette
  • Record/Play enhancements
  • Security control

Modular Design

The 3483 offers a modular design: modular logic unit, keyboard, and supports attachment of many IBM monitors.

Investment Protection - Upgradability Improvements

The modular design of the 3483 meets today's customers' various business needs and investment protection. It provides a choice of monitor that best fits into each customer's environment in terms of monitor size, color, ergonomics, price range, power management. It also supports the new 122-key IBM PS/2 Host Connect Keyboard which has both host (mainframe) and PC nomenclature. With the combination of the monitor choice and PS/2 Host Connect Keyboard, the customer can maintain an investment in both the monitor and the PS/2 Host Connect Keyboard if migrating to a PS/2 in the future. The 122-key IBM PS/2 Host Connect Keyboard will have a proper PC nomenclature for a PC environment.

Support of New IBM Monitors

When used with the applicable new IBM monitors advantages include:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Advanced power management
  • Twin screen
  • High screen resolutions
  • High screen refresh rates

Business Solutions - Regulatory Compliance

The 3483 is designed to meet or exceed standards and guidances that have recently emerged for workstations.

  • MPR-II 1990:08 guidelines for Electromagnetic Fields (Swedish National Board of Occupational Safety and Health). The new stringent Swedish requirements for low frequency electric and magnetic fields as well as electrostatic fields from monitors. MPR-II includes:
    • Very Low Frequency Magnetic Fields (VLMF)
    • Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Fields (ELMF)
    • Very Low Frequency Electric Fields (VLEF)
    • Extremely Low Frequency Electric Fields (ELEF)
    • Electrostatic Fields (ESF)
  • ISO 9241 Part 3 Visual Displays (International Organization for Standardization). Part 3 defines "Front of Screen" characteristics related to uniformity of presentation over the entire display area. Following are some items defined by ISO 9241 Part 3.
    • Character height
    • Character width-to-height ratio
    • Character format
    • Character size uniformity
    • Between - character spacing
    • Between - line spacing
    • Linearity
    • Orthogonality (squareness)
    • Brightness
    • Glare
    • Display luminance
    • Luminance balance
    • Luminance uniformity
    • Temporal instability (flicker)
    • Spatial instability (jitter)
  • DIN 66 234 VDU Workstations
    • Geometrical design of characters
    • Perceptibility of characters on Screens
    • Grouping and formatting of data
    • Coding of information
    • Principles of ergonomics dialogue design
The compliance to the ISO 9241 Part 3, DIN 66 234 and MPR-II depends on the monitor attached.

Business Solutions - Advanced Power Management

With the attachment of the applicable new IBM monitors, the 3483 supports an advanced power management feature. This feature is a multistage power management, and turns off components in the monitor not in use during periods of inactivity. It reduces the power consumption up to 90% and reduces component stress which results in a longer product life.

Stages of power management are:

  • Auto Dim - blanks the display screen after a period of inactivity thereby preserving the screen phosphor.
  • Standby - turns off deflection components which reduces power consumption up to 65%. Recovery takes approximately 1-2 seconds.
  • Inactive Standby - Turns off CRT cathode and filament which prolongs CRT life. This reduces power consumption up to 90%. Recovery takes approximately 3-5 seconds.

Some models feature a power management capability that meets both the power consumption requirements of the EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) "Energy Star" program and the lower power consumption requirements defined in specification 803299 of the NUTEK (National Board for Industrial and Technical Development in Sweden).

End-User Productivity - Improved Worker Productivity

The twin screen mode is available with some new IBM Monitors. This mode displays two full 24 rows by 80-columns formats on the screen by top-bottom. One 24 x 80 format can be used online, and the other as reference. Customers can copy all or a part of the screen between online session and the reference area.

Dynamic Color Assignment

The 3483 allows a customer to select foreground and background colors out of 195,000 color palette.

End-User Productivity - Interoperability Improvements

Customers can dynamically select any preferable 7 foreground colors and 1 background color from 195,000 color palette. This can be selected by a local user setup panel.

Record/Play Enhancement

The 3483 record/play enhancements include:

  • Support of the local function keys (Calculator or Copy)
  • Insert delay in the playback sequence to communicate to the host

End-User Productivity - Improved Worker Productivity

The 3483 will enhance the record/play function. The local function keys such as Calculator or Copy etc., can be included in the record/play sequence. Also, a certain interval of delay can be inserted into the record/play sequence so that customers can perform play back with host interactions by suspending the play back while the host is busy. The 3483 acknowledges the host busy status, suspends the play back, and resumes when the host busy status is cleared.

The 3483 allows customers to have up to 6000 key strokes in total of record keys identical to the 3481/3482.

Expansion Cartridge

The expansion cartridge slot allows for possible future functional enhancements or to meet customers' unique requirements. The demonstration cartridge is available that allows the 3483 to be demonstrated at a customer's site without an attachment to a host.

Security Controls

The 3483 provides auto key-lock mechanism after being unattended for a certain time, and the key-lock should be released when a correct password is entered. The 3483 also has VPD (Vital Product Data) lock-out feature to inhibit customers to change VPD record.

3481/3482 Compatible Functions

  • Calculator
  • Host Addressable and Local (Screen/Trim) Print
  • Extended Vital Product Data (VPD)
  • Auto Dim
  • Rule Line
  • Record/Play/Pause
  • Cut & Paste

Customer Setup (CSU)

The 3483 and specify features are customer set up (CSU). CSU publications will be in English or National Language.

Devices Supported

Printer support

The Host-addressable print and screen copy are supported on the following printers.

  • IBM printers

    4201-2, 4201-3, 4202-2, 4202-3, 4207-2, 4208-2, 5202, 5204, 4212, 4019, 4029, 2380, 2381, 2390, 2391, 4072, 4226.

  • Non-IBM printers

    HP ThinkJet, HP DeskJet, Epson FX1050, Epson LQ1050

The 3483 provides, via setup mode (for screen copy), the ability to select the area of the screen to be printed, as well as the print select quality, line density, and pitch.

The printer attachment cable (P/N 1525612) should be ordered with using P/N 1525612. The printer cable is the same cable that would be used to attach the printer to the IBM Personal System/2*.

 3483 IBM PC Monitor Support:

Monitor: The Machine Type-Model. Not all monitors are available
in every geography and monitors may be withdrawn from marketing.
Viewable Image Size: The monitor's viewable image size (inches).
Notes: Any notes that may apply for a specific monitor.
M2 (Mode 2): Supports 24 rows by 80 columns (Mode 2) Screen format.
An asterisk indicates ISO 9241 Part 3 compliant.
M3 (Mode 3): Supports 32 rows by 80 columns (Mode 3) Screen format.
An asterisk indicates ISO 9241 Part 3 compliant.
M4 (Mode 4): Supports 43 rows by 80 columns (Mode 4) Screen format.
An asterisk indicates ISO 9241 Part 3 compliant.
M5 (Mode 5): Supports 27 rows by 132 columns (Mode 5) Screen format.
An asterisk indicates ISO 9241 Part 3 compliant.
M6 (Mode 6): Supports 50 rows by 80 columns (Mode 6) twin Screen
Pwr Mgmt (Power Management): 3483 supports power management to US EPA
Energy Star levels.
RR (Refresh Rate): The monitor's operating refresh rate.
Group: Defines the screen resolution when operating in M2, M3, M4,
M5 or M6. Refer to 'Resolution/Font Matrix' section.
Monitor Adapter: The monitor adapter part number required. IBM
includes a monitor adapter with every 3483. If monitor adapter
is not used, monitor operates as follows:
- M2, M3, M4 is supported, M5 or M6 is not supported.
- Power Management is not supported.
- Monitors operate in 60 Hz refresh rate.
- Monitors operate in Group B screen resolution.

Image Pwr
Monitor Size Notes M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 Mgmt RR Group Adapter
-------- -------- ----- ---- ---- ---- ---- --- ---- -- ----- -------
6542-1xx 12.3" 2,4 Yes Yes Yes Yes - Yes 72 B -
6542-3xx 13.0" - Yes* Yes* Yes Yes Yes Yes 75 A 96G1999
6543-3xx 13.4" - Yes* Yes* Yes Yes Yes Yes 75 A 96G1999
6544 15.7" 5 Yes* Yes* Yes Yes* Yes Yes 75 A 96G1999
6545 18.4" - Yes* Yes* Yes Yes Yes Yes 75 A 96G1999
6554-60x 15.9" 5 Yes* Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 75 A 96G1999
6554-67x 15.9" 5 Yes* Yes* Yes* Yes Yes Yes 75 A 96G1999
6555-7xx 19.1" - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 75 A 96G1999
6555-8xx 19.1" - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 75 A 96G1999
2215-002 13.7" - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 75 A 96G1999
2238-R03 13.3" 1,2,4 Yes Yes Yes Yes - Yes 72 B -
2248 13.3" 1,3,4 Yes Yes Yes Yes - Yes 75 B -
2264-002 13.2" - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 75 A 96G1999
2264-017 15.8" - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 75 A 96G1999
6315 13.7" 3,4 Yes Yes Yes Yes - Yes 75 B -
6321-001 12.5" 2 Yes Yes Yes Yes - - 72 B -
6321-011 12.5" 2 Yes Yes Yes Yes - - 72 B -
6322-00x 13.0" 2 Yes* Yes* Yes Yes - - 75 B -
6322-02x 13.0" 3,4 Yes* Yes* Yes Yes - Yes 75 A -
6324 13.0" - Yes* Yes* Yes Yes Yes Yes 75 A -
6325 13.7" - Yes* Yes* Yes Yes Yes Yes 75 A -
6327 15.6" - Yes* Yes* Yes* Yes Yes Yes 75 A -
9524 13.0" - Yes* Yes* Yes Yes Yes Yes 75 A -
9525 13.7" - Yes* Yes* Yes Yes Yes Yes 75 A -
9527 15.4" 5 Yes* Yes* Yes* Yes* Yes Yes 75 A -
9515 12.3" - Yes Yes Yes Yes - 75 B -
9517 14.8" - Yes Yes Yes Yes - 75 B -
9518 12.3" - Yes Yes Yes - - 75 B -
6527 8.0" - Yes Yes Yes - - 60 B -
8503 10.2" - Yes Yes Yes - - 60 B -
8504 10.3" - Yes Yes Yes - - 60 B -
8511 11.8" - Yes Yes Yes - - 60 B -
8512 11.8" - Yes Yes Yes - - 60 B -
8513 10.2" - Yes Yes Yes - - 60 B -
8514 13.9" - Yes Yes Yes - - 60 B -
8515 12.3" - Yes Yes Yes - - 60 B -
8518 12.3" - Yes Yes Yes - - 60 B -

Table Notes:
1: 2238, 2248 have analog controls, not digital controls which
may require adjustments when changing between M2, M3 and M4.
2: By default, the 6542-1xx, 2238, 6321 operate in M2, M3, M4
60 Hz refresh rate. M5 is supported at 72 Hz refresh rate is
selected by using 3483 Resolution Override Option.
3: By default, the 2248, 6315, 6322 operate in M2, M3, M4
60 Hz refresh rate. M5 is supported at 75 Hz refresh rate is
selected by using 3483 Resolution Override Option.
4: 6542-1xx, 2238, 2248, 6315, 6322-02x supported power saver to US
EPA Energy Star Levels. Functions must be manually selected.
5: 6544, 6554, 9527 are ISO Part 3 compliant in M2 when Alternate
Font Type is selected using 3483 Resolution Override Option. 

Technical Description

Physical Specifications

  • Modular Logic unit base (horizontal):
    • Width: 322mm (12.68 inches)
    • Depth: 322mm (12.68 inches)
    • Height: 60mm (2.36 inches)
    • Weight: 2.6kg (5.7 lbs)
  • Modular Logic unit with base foot for floor mount (vertical):
    • Width: 322mm (12.68 inches)
    • Depth: 60mm (2.36 inches)
    • Height: 360mm (14.17 inches)
    • Weight: 3.2kg (7.1 lbs)
  • 122-key Keyboard:
    • Width - 533mm (21.0 inches)
    • Depth - 215mm ( 8.5 inches)
    • Height- 64mm ( 2.5 inches)*
    • Weight- 2.5kg ( 5.5 lbs) * Home Row: 30mm (1.2 inches)
  • 102-key Keyboard:
    • Width - 488mm (19.2 inches)
    • Depth - 210mm ( 8.3 inches)
    • Height- 40mm ( 1.6 inches)*
    • Weight- 2.3kg ( 5.1 lbs)

Operating Environment

  • Temperature: 10 to 40.0C (50 to 104F)
  • Relative Humidity: 8 to 80 percent
  • Wet Bulb: 27.0C (80.6F)
  • Calorific value: 11 Kcal/hr
  • Electrical power: 0.020 KVA
  • Leakage Current: Less than 1 mA
  • Starting Current: Less than 50 A


  • The IBM 3274 Control Unit does not support the following functions:
    • Split screen, copy from session to session, 3174 calculator function and 5250 emulation field exit
    • Multihost support
    • Host-addressable print, fast typematic
    • Extended vital product data (VPD), type-ahead and enhanced null/blank processing
    • VPD, APL-2, country extended code page (CECP)
  • The following NLS/functions are available on the 3274, only if appropriate RPQs are installed. The 3274 RPQs are no longer available for new installation.
    • NLS support for Arabic, Hebrew, Icelandic and Greek
    • Multiple logical session support is only available on 3274s that have configuration support-D, release 64.2 Microcode (or higher) and RPQ #8X0002 previously installed.
    • The IBM Enhanced Keyboard is only available on the 3274s that have configuration support-D, release 65 microcode (or higher) and RPQ #7L0825 previously installed.

    Note: Replacement 3274 microcode is still available from IBM. A service charge applies unless the 3274 is covered by an IBM maintenance agreement.

  • The following are not available:
    • Graphics capability (The 3472-MCx will continue to be IBM's product of choice for graphics capability.)
    • The 3192-L will continue to be IBM's product of choice for the Light Pen.
    • When the magnetic badge slot reader is attached to the 3483, no secure header support is available.
  • The following should be taken into consideration:
    • When selecting the 122-key keyboard:
      • Available in Native or Emulation Mode.
      • If the keyboard is to be modified, the 3174 (any level) or the 3274 configuration support-D release level 63, or higher, IBM InfoWindow II 3483 Modular Display Station is required.
    • 102-key IBM enhanced keyboard
      • Available in Native Mode only.
      • If the keyboard is to be modified, either the 3174 configuration support A/S (release 2 or higher), B, or C is required.
  • National Language Support of the following languages require the monitor 6324, 6325, 9524, 9525,

    Japanese Katakana, Arabic, Hebrew, Cyrillic, Greek, New Greek, Turkish, Croatian/Slovenian/Serbian Latin, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Romanian, Russian Cyrillic, Macedonian/Serbian Cyrillic, New Turkish, Bulgarian Cyrillic

Hardware Requirements

The 3483 logic unit requires single phase, 50 or 60 Hz electrical power.

    Voltage Range: 100-250 Vac. Power Requirement: 0.020 kVA, 0.2 A Heat Output: 11 watts (37 BTU/hr)

The 3483 is shipped with a power cord as follows:

  • 2.8 m (9 ft)
  • 1.8 m (6 ft) (Chicago only)

System Attachment

Through the controller, the 3483 may be attached to the following systems.

---------------- -------------------------
43XX 3174, 3274 Type A Adapter
937X 3174, 3274 Type A Adapter
308X 3174, 3274 Type A Adapter
3090 3174, 3274 Type A Adapter
ES/9000 3174, 3274 Type A Adapter
8100 System 3174, 3274 Type A Adapter
System/36 3174
AS/400 3174
470X Cluster Adapter
937X Workstation Subsystem Controller
922X Workstation Subsystem Controller
43X1 Workstation Adapter or Display Printer Adapter
(where applicable)

Establishment Controller Requirements

Attachment of the 3483 is made via 3270 wiring. Coaxial cable (as typically used to attach the 3471, 3472, 3191, 3192, 3178, 3179-1, 3180-1, 3278 or 3279 Displays) and twisted pair cable with approved balun may be used. See cable order section.

The 3483 can be attached to the IBM 3174 Establishment Controller, similar to the 3481/3482. The 3174 significantly expands 3483 capabilities by providing functions such as, split screen, copy from session to session, 3174 calculator, 5250 emulation field exit, extended vital product data, type-ahead, enhanced null/blank processing, and expansion of national language support. In addition, the 3174 offers a broad range of connectivity options such as multiple logical terminal (MLT) support, network management, multihost support, local format storage (LF), central site control facility (CSCF), token-ring attachment, and TCP/IP Telnet support. Refer to the "3174 Establishment Controller User Guide" (GA27-3966) and "Functional Description" (GA23-0218) for additional information.

The 3483 may be attached to a 3274 Control Unit, however, the 3174 functions described above are not supported. The 3274 and all of its related features and RPQs were withdrawn from marketing in 1988, and are no longer available from IBM. Function support for the 3483 is also limited when attaching to the 3274. Refer to the Limitations section for details.


  • In Emulation Mode, the 3483 with 122-key keyboard must be attached to one of the following:
    • IBM 3174 Models 1L, 1R, 2R, 3R, 11L, 11R, 12L, 12R, 13R, 21L, 21R, 22L, 23R, 51R, 52R, 53R, 61R, 62R, 63R, 81R, 82R, 90R, 91R or 92R.
    • IBM 3274, Control Unit Model 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 21A, 21B, 21C, 21D, 31A, 31C, 31D, 41A, 41C, 41D, 51C, or 61C
      • Configuration Support A: Microcode release level 15, or higher
      • Configuration Support B: Microcode release level 26, or higher
      • Configuration Support C: Microcode release level 47, or higher
      • Configuration Support D: Microcode release level 61, or higher
      • Configuration Support P: Any microcode release level
      • Configuration Support T: Microcode release level 31, or higher

      Refer to the Limitation section for details.

    • 937X (Workstation Subsystem Controller)
    • 922X (Workstation Subsystem Controller)
    • 43X1 (Workstation Adapter or Display Printer Adapter, where applicable)
  • In Native Mode, the 3483 with 122-key keyboard must be attached to an IBM 3274 Control Unit with Configuration Support D - Microcode Release 63, or higher. This level of support is also required for changing the layout of the 122-key Typewriter Keyboard.
  • The 3483 with 102-key keyboard operates in Native Mode only with the IBM 3174 Establishment Controller.
  • The 3483 operates in Native Mode with the 3174 Establishment Controller.
  • 3174 Attachment: Licensed Internal Code (LIC), configuration support A/S (release 5 or higher), B, or C is required on the 3174 for Host Addressable Print. Extended Vital Product Data support requires 3174 LIC configuration support B (release 2 or higher) or C.

No Charge Specify Codes

  • #9101 Quiet Typewriter Keyboard
  • #9122 122-key Typewriter Keyboard
  • #9124 122-key Data Entry Keyboard
  • #9131 102-key IBM Enhanced Keyboard
  • #9141 122-key IBM PS/2 Host Connect Keyboard 
  • #9154 122-key Typewriter/APL2 Keyboard
  • #9986 Power Cable 6 foot for Chicago (USA)

Special Feature Codes -- Chargeable

  • #5192 (P/N 66G1794) Base Foot for Floor Mount with Keyboard Extension Cable

Maximum # of Features: One (each). Prerequisites: None. Corequisites: None. Compatibility Conflicts: None. Customer Setup: Yes. Limitations: None. Field Installable: Yes. Cable Order: Supplied with feature.


Accessory Name Part No.
----------------------------------------------------- --------
Clear Lens Kycaps (60) Paper Insert (60/60) & Tool 6341707
IBM KeyGuard (122-key KBD) 32G2684
IBM KeyGuard (102-key KBD) 32G2687
3483 Demonstration Cartridge 66G1873

Machine Elements

Description P/N Ref.
--------------------------------- --------
66G1720 3483 Logic Unit
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

1394099 122 Key Terminal Keyboard
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

122-key Data Entry Keyboard 35G4730

1394802 102 Key Keyboard for 3483
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

122-key APL/2 Keyboard 1394806

122-key IBM PS/2 Host Connect KBD 1396400

Power Cord 6952297

Power Cord -Chicago 6 ft. 6952298


(R), (TM), * Trademark or registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.

** Company, product, or service name may be a trademark or service mark of others.

2 Yes Yes Yes Yes - - 72 B -