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TTP-244M Pro Series


Industrial Bar Code Printer TTP-244M Pro

Industrial Barcode Printer

TTP-244M Pro Series

The low-cost leader in its class

The TSC- TTP-244M Pro series is the price leader in its class, delivering top-of-the-line speed and efficiency, with print speeds up to 102 mm per second (4 ips) and a large 4 MB Flash plus 8MB DRAM memory capacity.

It supports a wide print field - up to 4 inches - and offers a choice of either 203 dpi or 300 dpi resolution. The TTP-244M Pro series is backed by a 2-year warranty and features a heavy duty steel enclosure and internal assembly designed for extended high-volume use in industrial environments.

The price leader in its class, the 300 dpi TTP-342M Pro is ideal for on-demand printing. Its heavy-duty steel enclosure and internal assembly are designed for extended use in high-volume industrial environments.

The versatile TTP-342M Pro offers 4 MB Flash plus 8MB DRAM memory and can print up to 4 inches wide at speed up to 2 ips.

ModelPrinting MethodResolutionMax. Print WidthMax. Print LengthMax. Print Speed
TTP-244M ProThermal Transfer203 dpi4.09"90"4 ips
TTP-244ME ProThermal Transfer203 dpi4.09"90"4 ips
TTP-342M ProThermal Transfer300 dpi4.09"40"2 ips
TTP-342ME ProThermal Transfer300 dpi4.09"40"2 ips
  • Key Features
    • 4 MB FLASH memory and 8 MB DRAM memory
    • Up to 102 mm (4.0") per second print speed
    • Label gap sensor, black mark sensor & ribbon end sensor
    • Wide selection of options, including the stand-alone keyboard display units, long range linear imaging barcode scanner, rotary cutter, peel-off kit and LCD control panel
  • Applications
    • Transportation
    • Distribution
    • Healthcare
    • Manufacturing
    • Business/ office