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Praim 5488+ Terminal

  Praim 5488+ Terminal 

5488Plus Terminal

The Praim family of 5250 display terminals and terminal logic units are all InfoWindow II compatible. They can be connected to any IBM AS/400, S/3X, and 5251/12, 5394 and 5494 remote controllers or compatibles.

Praim 5488 Plus Terminal with 122 key keyboard
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty
Praim 5488 Plus

4 display sessions (132 col.) and 1 printer session

  • Compatible with IBM InfoWindow II 3487C.

  • Supports IBM 3477, 3487, 3197, 3487C, 3487 (no ECB), 3477C, 3197C and 3488 display emulations.

  • Printer session support: IBM 5256, 4214/2 (Includes APF-graphics support), 5219 and 3812.

  • Able to send escape codes to printer using Hex Passthrough.

  • Supports font, CPI and LPI override.

  • Supports -Shared Addressing- allowing the activation of 4 logical sessions using only one physical session.

  • Up to 35 parallel print drivers are supported.

  • Compatible with any SVGA color or monochrome monitor.

  • Supports 122 key keyboard.

  • Mouse support.

  • Advanced user interface with built-in calculator.